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    Competitive edge, conscience, ethical ideal

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    1. What were Jones options?
    2. What did you consider in this decision?
    3. What would you do in Jones' situation and why?

    The readings for this case are only three page that I attached to this file as Information PAGE 1, Information PAGE 2 and Information PAGE 3.

    See attached file for full problem description.

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    1. What were Jones options?
    Jones had several options but most were dealing with remaining with her job. The first option was to quit and find a company that was more in line with her personal belief system and ethical considerations. Morality and ethical consequences drive many decisions and can lead to guilt if the person is not fully aware of their own "lines is the sand."

    With her job, she could have:
    a. requested that the materials required come from only companies with better conditions, these conditions would have to be connually monitored.

    b. requested to work with companies that provided ...

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    A discussion about the ethical decisions of conscience and competitive edge for an organization and employee involved. A brief scenario is introduced and the questions of how the employee could decide or should decide are discussed.