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    Ethical dilemma for end of life decisions

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    Create 4-6 (Microsoft Power Point slides) addressing risk management in regard to Health Care Ethical Dilemma for End of Life Decisions.

    Risk Management
    To deter ethical issues and promote the ethical principles and values of the medical profession (e.g. beneficence, non-malfeasance, autonomy, and justice), risk management plans and strategies are implemented for hospices.

    1. Legally, under HIPAA
    a. Use of health information
    b. Threat to Health or Safety
    c. Specified Government and legal Functions

    2. Advance directives vs. DNR(how it impacts each body below)
    a. Hospice
    b. Patient
    c. Family
    d. Legal

    3. Advance directive vs. Hospice care(how it impacts each body below)
    a. Patient
    b. Family
    c. Legal

    4. Strategy and Implementation for risk management

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