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    Ethical Dilemma

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    Read the case study and then write an opinion based on the facts which you have identified as being decisive in brinigng you to this ethical decision. Rationale should evidence critical thinking knowledge of clinical ethic terminology. Use the format below.

    Presenting Ethical dilemma:

    A 30-Year old single male Leukemia patient is being considered for liver transplant but is becoming Noncompliant refusing his medical and meals. He throws his food at the staff and curses everyone.

    1. Medical indications: His hepatitis came from a transfusion during his treatment for leukemia. The bone marrow transplant from his brother was successful. He will die without a liver transplant. He is growing hostile. Noncompliance raises the question if he will be compliant for post transplant regimens.

    2. Patients Preferences: He states that he wants the transplant to live. He is competent and has the capacity to make decisions. But his noncompliant attitude raises doubts about successful recuperation for post transplant regimens.

    3. Quality of Life: He will die if transplanted and he continues to be noncompliant.

    His stated goal is to be able to go back to play in a rock band again.
    He has support from both his parents and his brother.

    4. Contextual Issues: A liver transplant cost the hospital over $100,000. the transplant budget allows twenty per year for person unable to pay for the operation.

    Thank you.

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