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Ethical Issues: Health Care Industry

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As the case manager, what ethical issues would you deal with in this situation?

How can you advocate for your clients' needs while upholding the dialysis center's policy?

Under what circumstances would it be appropriate or necessary for a health or human services organization to make an economic decision that may contradict its code of ethics?

******You are a case manager in a dialysis center. In your position, you enroll and work with clients to help them obtain health care benefits that will pay for hemodialysis.* You also arrange for transportation to and from the center and assess the clients' additional social needs.

Because dialysis centers are costly to build and run, many communities do not have dialysis centers. Hemodialysis is performed two or three times a week and can also be costly to clients due to transportation costs. Some people have no choice but to travel a long distance for treatment. Medicare, Medicaid, and other third party payers reimburse dialysis centers for treating patients. However, the reimbursement amount does not always cover the center's costs and some people do not receive any insurance coverage.

To remain profitable, the dialysis center where you work has decided to accept only patients whose insurance coverage pays at least 90% of its costs. The dialysis center is located in a rural county 200 miles from the city.

You are now put in the position of informing current and future clients that they cannot receive dialysis at this center unless they can cover 90% of the costs, either out of pocket or with insurance.

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//The given discussion paper is based on the 'Health Care' industries. In relation to this, the ethical issues related to the health care industry are given in the whole discussion paper. In the first section of the discussion, the health care industry and the role of the Managers over here, is described.//

Ethical Issues: Health Care Industry


As a case manager, my job is to register and work with clients to help them acquire health care benefits. But my new task is to enlighten current and future customers that they cannot obtain dialysis at this center unless they can cover 90% of the costs, either out of pocket or with insurance, as the monetary objective of the dialysis center is maximizing the profit.

I would support for the customers' needs while carrying on the dialysis center's policy. I would talk to the top management about the situation and tell them that the main objective and duty of health organization is to look after the health problem of the customers (Mathew, 2003). We are here to save the life of people and just for the money's sake; we can't take the life of patients. Our basic aim should be to support the patients and customer; money should be the second objective (Prasad, 2008).

It is an unethical step to say no to the patient, who is not fully insured and is without good earning capacity. As I am associated with the organization, I would try ...

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