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    Conducting research in special ethical circumstances

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    Assume you are the member of a research team aiming to explore the numbers, circumstances, and experiences of children who spend prolonged periods in health care settings.

    List 3 potential challenges for your team.
    Suggest strategies you and your team would utilize to overcome the challenges?
    Justify the strategies you identify.

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    You will be dealing with several problems and challenges in this situation:
    1) the age of the participants

    Most of these children are probably under the age of 18, therefore, there are not legally allowed to be studied. They would need parental consent to participate in research, and the last thing a parent wants to think of is research study when their child is sick.

    2) confidentiality

    In the health care system, everything is confidential to protect the identity of the patient. Therefore it will be very difficult to collect information on the circumstances and experiences of children who are in the health care system

    3) the nature of the participants

    These are sick children who are in poor health. There is nothing more tragic then a sick child. Many of them are probably too sick to participate in research - and ...

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    This posting looks at ethical issues surrounding conducting research in special circumstances which you need special ethical approval.