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Hypothesis Testing

Statistic problem- hypothesis

A nectarine-packing firm claims that the nectarines they ship have a mean weight of 5.22 ounces. A test on n = 10 randomly selected nectarines, gave the following results, in ounces: 5.94 5.15 5.73 6.31 5.63 5.04 5.10 5.03 5.13 5.21 Do the data indicated that the actual mean weight is less than the mean weight claimed by t

Significance Level: Fairfield Homes

Fairfield Homes is developing two parcels near Pigeon Fork, Tennessee. In order to test different advertising approaches, they use different media to reach potential buyers. The mean annual family income for 75 people making inquiries at the first development is $150,000, with a standard deviation of $40,000. A corresponding sam

The source of the statistics, the use of the statistics....

The article "The Age of Discontent" could be found at From the information that is provided in the article, identify the source of the statistic, the use of the statistic, and decide if the statistic might be misleading (and why or why not). Report the findings in 350-500 words.

Hypothesis Testing

FIRST In 1990, 5.8% of job applicants who were tested for drugs failed the test. At the 0.01 level, test the claim that the failure rate is not lower if a random sample of 1520 current job applicants results in 58 failures. Work and steps must be shown. Write each step of hypothesis procedure SECOND The expense of movi

hypothesis test - bottling machine functioning properly

Bubble Bottling Co. is operating an old machine that fills each one-liter plastic bottle of soda prior to capping. The average fill seems O.K., but the operator has reported lately that too many bottles seem either too full or too empty coming off the line. The problem, of course, could be the variation in the capacity of the bo

The Waterhole bar and grill

Please see the attached file for full problem description. 1. Use the following information for questions a-b. The Waterhole bar and grill decided to run a special offer of a free fried zucchini appetizer with the purchase of a pitcher of beer and a sandwich for Monday nights only during the height of the baseball season. A

Test the claim that each bag of the farmers potatoes are 60 pounds?

Problem: A farmer sells sacks of potatoes at a county fair. Each bag is labeled 60 pounds. The fair organizers employ a statistician to verify that all business is conducted accurately. The statistician selects 50 sacks of the farmer's potatoes and finds a sample mean of 57 pounds. The standard deviation is 8 pounds. Test the cl

Statistics - Hypothesis testing - 2499

As a part of a survey on the use of Office Suites Software, the company doing the polling wanted to know whether its population was uniformly distributed over the following age distribution... Based on the data, do you think that the respondents are uniformly distributed over the age categories? (see attachment for full questi

Alternative Hypothesis on Credit Card Benefits

The Thompson's Discount Appliance Store issues its own credit card. The credit manager wants to find whether the mean monthly unpaid balance is more than $400... (see attachment for full question) The Thompson's Discount Appliance Store issues its own credit card. The credit manager wants to find whether the mean monthly u


T F 1. If the null hypothesis is stated that the average number of milligrams of sodium in a manufacturer's can of soup is 200 mg, an appropriate alternative hypothesis is that the average number of milligrams of sodium exceeds 200 mg. T F 2. If a null hypothesis is tested and rejected at the a = 0.05 level, the same null hypot

Durbin Watson (d) Test

1(a) The Durbin Watson (d) statistic is defined as (see attached) Where u t is the OLS residual. Explain what hypothesis d tests. (b) Show that if the null hypothesis is true, d is approximately equal to 2. (c) The following equation was estimated by OLS on UK quarterly data Ct = − 370.87 + 0.916YDt + u t t = 1,

Hypothesis - testing

I. The Dean of Students is interested in how long students spend commuting to school each day because the administration has been considering building dormitories. Since this college is highly selective and draws students from all the boroughs as well as the surrounding areas. A study was undertaken to see if the travel time is

Hypothesis testing

1) The FMA Company has designed a new type of 16 lb. bowling ball. The company knows that the average man who bowls in a scratch league with the company's old ball has a bowling average of 155. The variance of these averages is 100. The company asks a random sample of 100 men bowling in scratch leagues to bowl


There are three manufacturing plants on Lake Chinquapin: 1, 2, and 3. Each factory emits two types of pollutants, P1 and P2, into the water. If the waste from each factory is processed, the pollution in the lake can be reduced. It costs $15 to process one ton of Factory 1 waste, and each ton processed reduces the amount of P

Alpha Level and P-Level

You are a brand manager and have been running general TV spots to market your product. Now, you are considering running a series of spots that specifically targets wealthy consumers. The spots will cost $2K out of your $100K advertising budget. You estimate the market potential for wealthy consumers to be $250K. You hire a m

Problem with statistical information

I have attached my methodology with statistical information. I used chi square to compare relationships, and I need assistance in the validity of the diagnosis. I believe I did it correctly. Can someone review the information, and let me know if it makes sense. Any recommendations or suggestions are appreciated. Specifically

General stats question

Question 3 (35 Points): The director of quality at a large HMO wants to evaluate the patient waiting times at a local facility. She wants to estimate the mean waiting time within a margin of error of 5 minutes using a 95% confidence interval. An a priori guess of the range of waiting times is 0 to 60 minutes. a) For an a pri

Let mu be the mean speed indicated by the speedometers when the testing apparatus is set at the nominal speed of 55 mph. Set up the hypotheses for doing the test. Is this significant evidence to suggest that the mean reading deviates significantly from the nominal value of 55 mph at the 1% significance level? Answer by calculating the P-value.

Question 2: An automaker tests the accuracy of speedometers purchased from a vendor on a weekly basis. The test plan calls for testing a random sample of 25 speedometers at a nominal speed of 55 mph. A statistically significant deviation at 1% significance level from the nominal value results in rejection of the lot supplied by

Mathematical models to design effective hypothesis testing during experiments

Trying to use mathematical models to design effective hypothesis testing during experiments. In hypothesis analysis the null hypothesis and significance level of the test must be set prior to data collection. When the consequences of false judgment are severe, one needs to fine tune test parameters in order to control the magni

Hypothesis Testing - Easy Eye, Inc.

Easy Eye, Inc. manufacturers adult sunglasses of all types. The company's management is not sure whether to target the next promotional campaign primarily toward men or women and has asked the research team to determine whether the market for sunglasses is split in half. A study is conducted at various cooperating stores selli


Concrete blocks are to be used in the foundations of several buildings. The specifications state that the minimum arithmetic mean compressive strength of a sample of blocks must be 1,000 pounds per square inch (psi). If two companies submit samples of blocks that have mean compressive strengths over the minimum (1,000 psi), then

Hypothesis testing

Every year the Wall Street Journal has a feature on compensation of CEOs of different companies. The data include type of company, amount of salary, amount of bonus, % change from the previous year, and several other compensation forms. A sample of the data is shown in the table. (SEE ATTACHED TABLE!) a). Look at the 1996

Inferences - one population

In a new advertising campaign, Coca-Cola pokes fun at the decision to revive its famous contoured bottle. Atlanta based Coke faced significant technical hurdles in bringing out the well-known bottle in a new material: plastic. Coke also conducted extensive marketing tests to make sure that one of the world's best known package

Hypothesis Test

Using the data set below for the Hypothesis Testing Paper, a new hypothesis test (such as large sample size, small sample size, means and/or proportions, one-and two-tailed tests) that can perform on the data below I pulled together. Perform the five-step hypothesis test on the data and describe the results of the tests and comp

Hypothesis Testing

An Electric Co. Operates a fleet of trucks that provide electrical service to the construction industry. Monthly mean maintenance cost has been $75 per truck. A random sample of 40 trucks provided a sample mean of $82.50 per month, with a sample deviation of $30. Managers want a test to determine whether the mean monthly mainte

Hypothesis Testing

A bath soap manufacturing process is designed to produce a mean of 120 bars of soap per batch. Quantities over or under are undesirable. A sample of 10 batches shows the following number of bars of soap. The population is assumed to be normal. 108, 118, 120, 122, 119, 113, 124, 122, 120, 123 Using a .05 level of significance,

Hypothesis Testing

A Federal funding program is available to low income neighborhoods. To qualify for the funding a neighborhood must have a mean household income of less then $15,000 per year. Neighborhoods with mean household income of $15,000 or more do not qualify. Funding decisions are based on a sample of residents in the neighborhood. A hyp