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    Statistics - One-tailed or Two-tailed Test

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    1) How can you tell, from a verbal hypothesis statement, whether you are conducting a one-tailed or two-tailed test?

    2) Suppose you were the manufacturer of a new and improved light bulb that you claim has an average service life more than twice the life of your nearest competitor's product. You want to test your product to be sure. You test 500 of your bulbs in the lab and find that the average life of your bulbs is 2021 hours. Your competitor claims an average service life of 1000 hours. What hypotheses would you test? State the null and alternative hypotheses both verbally and algebraically.

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    (1) The test here is a one-tailed test because we are testing "uni-directionally". That is, we are testing to see if the mean life of ...

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