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Hypothesis Testing


Category: Mathematics > Probability Problems Subject: Test of Statistical Hypothesis Details: To whom it may concern, I need help answering these 4 problems. Please include, 1) all the steps with details on how to arrive at each solution. 2) final solution I prefer to have everything worked out in MS Word and MS Ex

Does the questionnaire seem to be effective in identifying compulsive buyers?

Use traditional method of testing hypothesis. Researchers designed a questionnaire to identify compulsive buyers. For a sample of consumers who identified themselves as compulsive buyers, scores have a mean of 0.83 and a standard deviation of 0.24. Assume the subjects were randomly selected and that the sample size was 32. U

Traditional hypothesis test approach

Use traditional hypothesis test approach. Draw a graph showing the test statistic and critical values. Assume the population has a distribution that is approximately normal and that the sample is a simple random sample. Use either the normal distribution or Student t distribution-check conditions to be sure which is appropriate.

Mean Comparison for Different Scales

I have a poor understanding of this subject. Please assist me with the attachment and explain your steps so that I can try to understand this area. Please use the traditional method becasue I can follow it a little better. Thank you for your help.

The Ferguson Paper Company

Please see the attached file for full problem description. --- (1) The Ferguson Paper Company produces rolls of paper for use in adding machines, desk calculators, and cash registers. The rolls, which are 200 feet long, are produced in widths of 1 ½, 2 ½, and 3 ½ inches. The production process provides 200-foot rolls in


Subject: need a paired difference statistical analysis Details: I am writing a thesis and need a paired difference statistical analysis with a confidence level at 95% with t-value for alpha of 0.25 My hypothesis is that there is a statistically significant differnce between two test scores for the following samples (

Use the critical value approach for Testing Hypotheses One

1. A study compared the step length in meters of amputees using a solid ankle cushion heel (SACH) prosthesis with those using a Carbon Copy II (CCII) device. For the random sample of 10 using SACH, the mean step length was 0.764 meter, and the standard deviation was 0.0011 meter. For the sample of 10 using CCII, the mean step

hypothesis test to determine mean driving distance of golfers.

Golf course designers are concerned that the old courses are becoming obsolete because new equipment enables golfers to hit the ball so far. One designer believes the new course need to build with the expectation that players will be able to hit the ball more than 250 yards on average. A sample of 29 golfers was tested and their


A coin tossed 10,000 times. Heads appears 5100 times. Do you think the coin is fair at the 0.05% level of significance? at the 0.01% level of significance?

Hypothesis Test: Significance Difference in Means

The American Association of University Professors conducts salary studies of college professors and publishes its finding in the AAUP Annual Report. College professors are divided into two populations: faculty in public institutions and faculty in private institutions. The summary statistics for the starting salaries of the two

A test for differences in variance.

Randomly selected statistics students were given five seconds to estimate the value of a product of numbers with a summary of the results of both groups given below. Does the order of the numbers appear to have an effect on the variances? Use a 0.05 significance level to test the difference between variances of the two samples.

This problem shows how to analyze a split plot experiment in SAS. The analysis of the data was done in SAS using PROC GLM. The SAS program and the output of that program are included in a separate document.

The effects of variety upon the learning of the mathematical concepts of Boolean set union and intersection were studied. Ss from 5th and 7th grades were selected from four randomly selected schools. They were randomly assigned to four fixed experimental conditions which varied in two ways. Ss in the large variety conditions wer

How to test hypotheses of population mean

Subject: Null/alt hypoth; decision rule; value of test stat; Ho and p-value, interpret Details: The manufacturer of the X-15 steel belted radial truck tire claims that the mean mileage the tire can be driven before the treads wear out is 60,000 miles. The standard dev of the mileage is 5,000 miles. The C Truck Company bought 4

Analyze the data.

Pearl(1968)reports lactation studies with ewes.In one of his experiments nine ewes were divided into groups of three.In group 1 the ewes and lambs were fed freely during the lactation period;in the other groups two different methods of restricting the food intake were used.He records the yields of residual milk in grams for each

Raw Score

Details: 1. What is the between a raw score of 113 and 126 in a normal distribution with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 10? Find the area below and under the score of 135. 2. Test null hypothesis that urban and rural residents both have the same attitude toward gun control(data1). Group 1 is a group of the urban r

Six Hypothesis Testing Prroblems

1.) In a normal distribution with mean 59 and standard deviation 22, how large a sample must be taken so that there will be at least a 90 percent chance that its mean is greater than 53? 2.) In the second week of June 1996, the average number of units produced per week for all models of automobiles manufactured in the U.S. w

Gamma, p-Values and Significance

We know that the Gamma value=0.298 and the approximate p-value=.000 which is understood p-value<=0.001. So, under a significance level alpha=0.001, we should reject the null hypothesis, ie., there is a significance difference between the groups. See the attached file.

Decision criteria

Larry Jacava is considering producing a novelty item for golfers that will be sold through pro shops. Larry has decided on a selling price of $3.50 for the item. The item's variable cost of production is $2.00 per unit with a fixed cost of $3,750. Larry has marketed his production to local pro shops and believes the demand for t

Test of Hypothesis for difference in proportions: A random sample of 200 workers from Factory A showed that 130 were satisfied with their job. Another random sample of 125 workers from Factory B showed that 70 were satisfied with their job. Can it be concluded that the proportion of satisfied workers in Factory A is greater than in Factory B?

A random sample of 200 workers from Factory A showed that 130 were satisfied with their job. Another random sample of 125 workers from Factory B showed that 70 were satisfied with their job. Can it be concluded that the proportion of satisfied workers in Factory A is greater than in Factory B? Formulate and test the appropriate

Hypothesis testing: Sample Size

A market research agency would like to estimate the proportion of Canadian households owning a personal computer. What minimum sample size will be required if they want to be 99% confident that the sample proportion will not differ from the true population proportion by more than 5%?

Give the null and alternative hypothesis for the test. If you wish your probability to be of (erroneously) deciding that mu>30, when in fact =30, to equal 0.05, what is the value of alpha for the test?

1) A random sample n=40 observations from a population produced a mean of 30.9 and a standard deviation of 2.4. Suppose that you wish to show that the population mean (mu) exceeds 30. A) Give the null and alternative hypothesis for the test. B) If you wish your probability to be of (erroneously) deciding that mu>30, when i

Hypothesis Testing

In one of the ethnically diverse areas of a large city, a branch manager of a local bank has been receiving complaints from the clients about staff behavior. He has decided to introduce a training program for his staff, and has retained the services of a human resources consultant. Over a weekend, the consultant has invited repr

Investigating a Null hypothesis with SAS

A researcher wants to investigate the null hypothesis: Ho : µ1= µ2 = µ3 = µ4 using &#945; = 0.05. Given &#963;²= 1 and &#931; &#945; j² = 2.76, how many subjects j should be assigned to each treatment for power, &#960; = 1 - &#946; ~ .80

Inferential statistics used in hypothesis tests

What inferential statistic would you choose to test the following hypotheses? Briefly explain your answers. There is a positive relationship between the patient's rating of pain using the Visual Analog scale and the amount of drug administered to the patient. The annual income among male and female nurses differs signifi

Psychology Statistics 240

A social psychology graduate student hypothesizes that taller women tend to date taller men, and that shorter women tend to date shorter men. To test this hypothesis, she visits a dance club just off campus and interviews the first 10 couples she meets, measuring (to the nearest centimeter) the heights of the men (X) and the he

Hypothesis Testing for difference between means. The task force claims that the average cost per visit will be significantly less if the suggestion is adopted. At a 0.05 level of significance, test the claim of the task force.

Because of massive cutbacks in transfer payments to the provinces, provincial governments are in a quandary over how to maintain a high standard in health care. Given the sensitive nature of the issue, the provinces have set up independant commissions to study the issue. A task force in Alberta has suggested that more "community

Hypothesis testing is embedded.

The "Mars" division of a big auotmobile manufacturer specializes in manufacturing scooters for export. The company claims that these scooters average at least 55 miles per gallon in city driving. An independant consumer avocate road tested a sample of 25 scooters. The sample showed an average of 60 miles per gallon, with a stand

Conclude the Mean Differences

The manager of a department store wishes to study the number of minutes top salespeople at his store spend at their computer terminals in order to process "end of day closing" by the department name. The manager selected a sample of 5 (five) salespeople from each of three departments. At the .05 significance level, can