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    Regression Analysis Of Drinking And Tennis Watching Data

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    20) A marketing research firm wished to study the relationship between wine consumption and whether a person likes to watch professional tennis on television. One hundred randomly selected people are asked whether they drink wine and whether they watch tennis. The following results are obtained:

    Watch Tennis Do Not Watch Tennis Totals
    Drink Wine 16 24 40
    Do Not Drink Wine 4 56 60
    Totals 20 80 100

    Test the hypothesis that whether people drink wine is independent of whether people watch tennis. Set α = 0.05

    1. Is the value significant at 5% level of significant?
    2. Write the conclusion for this question

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    This solution conducts a statistical analysis on the relationship of wine consumption and watching tennis. A null and alternative hypothesis is provided, a test statistic is calculated and compared to the p-value and finally a decision is make to accept or reject the null hypothesis.