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    Regression Analysis on TV Viewing by Age

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    Researchers have collected data on the hours of television watched in a day and the age of a person. The data:

    Age Hours of Television
    30 2
    65 7
    72 6
    41 4

    Additional Info: y= -.698 + .105x

    a) Find coefficient of determination and explain its meaning.
    b) Use F to determine if the equation represents a significant relationship between the two variables by testing the significance of the coefficient of determination. Use alpha = .05.
    c) Develop 95% confidence interval for estimating the mean time spent watching television for a person age 50.
    d) Develop a 95% confidence interval for estimating the time Jack Sprat watches television if he is 33 years old.
    e) Compute the correlation coefficient and test to determine if there exists a significant correlation between age and number of hours spent watching television at the alpha = .05 level.

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