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    Chi-square, Correlation, Multiple Regression

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    1. A study indicated where different age groups primarily get their news: At the 0.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a significant relationship between the age group and where people primarily get their news? If so, explain the relationship

    Use the Chi Square file

    Age Group
    Media Under 36 36-50 50+
    Local TV 107 119 133
    National TV 73 102 127
    Radio 75 97 109
    Local newspaper 52 79 107
    Internet 95 83 76

    2. Using the 'Cumba' database file, create a pivot table of management level versus gender. Then copy the data from the table into a chi square table to see if a relationship exists between employee genders and their management level. What can you conclude at the .05 significance level?

    3.Using the 'Cumba' database file, develop a model to predict the employee's salary using the employee's age, years of experience, and gender. Since gender is nominal, use 0 for male and 1 for female. The 'Multiple Regression' file has already been pre-loaded with the data, so you need only interpret the output.

    Complete the following tasks:

    a.State the multiple regression equation.
    b. Interpret the meaning of the slopes in the equation.
    c. Predict the salary for a 40-year-old male employee with five years' experience.
    d. At the .05 level of significance, determine whether each explanatory variable makes a significant contribution to the regression model.
    e. Interpret the meaning of the r-squared.
    f. Interpret your findings. What changes would you make to the model, given the results?

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