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Multiple choice question from correlation and regression

1. Which of the following pairs of variables should produce a correlation near 0?
A) model year (2003, 2004, etc.) and price for a used Honda
B) driving distance from college and weekly cost of gas for a group of commuting college students
C) number of hours studying and number of errors on a math exam
D) IQ and weight for a group of third-grade students

2. A scatterplot shows a set of data points that are clustered close to a line that slopes down to the right. Which of the following values would be closest to the correlation for these data?
A) 0.80
B) 0.40
C) 0.40-
D) 0.80-

3. In a chi-square test for goodness of fit, the null hypothesis is used to create an ideal, hypothetical sample. The frequencies in the ideal sample are called ____.
A) expected frequencies
B) theoretical frequencies
C) observed frequencies
D) null frequencies

4. A linear regression equation has b = 2 and a = 3. What is the predicted value of Y for X = 8?
A) 5
B) 19
C) 26
D) cannot be determined without additional information

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