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    Multiple Choice Questions on Regression

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    1 A bar soap manufacturer is conducting an experiment to determine how people react to 3 different brand names.
    Each brand name represents a(n) ___________ of the experimental factor.
    a. replicate
    b. observation
    c. level
    d. variable

    2 The technique that is used to determine if more than two population means are equal by analyzing the variation in the data is known as
    a. chi-square.
    b. analysis of variance.
    c. correlation analysis.
    d. least squares regression.

    3 The mean of all the observations of an experiment is called the ___________ mean.
    a. group
    b. treatment
    c. block
    d. grand

    4 A regression analysis should probably not be conducted unless a scatter plot of the data reveals a relationship that
    a. approximates a straight line.
    b. resembles a normal distribution.
    c. is scattered randomly throughout the range.
    d. is concave downward.

    5 When a regression analysis is conducted, the controllable variable that can be fixed by the person collecting the data is the
    a. dependent variable.
    b. independent variable.
    c. slope of the regression line.
    d. intercept of the regression line.

    6 A linear regression between Y and X produced the following equation for the least squares line:
    = 2.15 - 3.2x
    Which of the following statements concerning this relationship is true?
    a. For every one-unit increase in X, Y increases 3.2 units.
    b. For every one-unit increase in Y, X decreases 3.2 units.
    c. For every one-unit increase in X, Y decreases 3.2 units.
    d. For every one-unit increase in Y, X increases 3.2 units.

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