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Hypothesis testing, independent variables, multiple regression models

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1. _____ variation is the sum of explained variation plus the sum of unexplained variation.

2. The error term in the regression model describes the effects of all factors other than the independent variables on y (response variable). TRUE OR FALSE?

3. If we increase the number of independent variables in a multiple regression model, the F statistic will always increase. TRUE OR FALSE?

4. When the F test is used to test the overall significance of a multiple regression model, if the null hypothesis is rejected, it can be concluded that all of the independent variables x1, x2, ...xk are significantly related to the dependent variable y. TRUE OR FALSE?

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The expert provides answers to 4 true or false questions, with corresponding answers. The solution provides explanation for each choice, including questions regarding variation sums, independent variables, multiple regression models, and overall, hypothesis testing.

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1. TOTAL variation is the sum of explained variation plus the sum of unexplained variation.

2. True. The error term catches the unexplained effects ...

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