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    Multiple Choice Questions on Regression Analysis

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    A consumer research company collected data for 16 models of sport utility vehicles of various sizes. The research team measured the overall fuel economy and the distance between their front and rear axles (wheelbase) of each vehicle. The scatter plot and line of best fit is shown in the diagram below.

    (See diagram in attached file)

    Which one of the following statements concerning the regression line is true?
    a. There is a positive linear relationship between the two variables.
    b. The slope is greater that 1.
    c. Vehicles with 100" wheelbase have a fuel economy of 30 mpg.
    d. Vehicles with larger wheelbases have the worst fuel economy.

    3. The slope of the regression line, b1, is at or near which of the following values?
    a. -0.3
    b. 0
    c. 0.3
    d. 3

    4. The intercept of the regression line, b0, is at or near which of the following values (note that the X-axis scale starts at 80" wheelbase)?
    a. 20
    b. 30
    c. 60
    d. 160

    5. Juanita Douglas just bought a new red SUV that has a wheelbase of 115 inches. What overall fuel economy can she expect to obtain?
    a. 28 mpg
    b. 25 mpg
    c. 20 mpg
    d. 15 mpg

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    Multiple Choice Questions on Regression Analysis.