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    Multi[le regression analysis

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    Hello! We are practicing multiple regression analysis and are needing to come up with an example. Here's what I need help with (and ANY set of data will do!):

    THIS IS A TWO-PART QUESTION: A Draft of the Project(10 credits), and then the Project (15 credits)--- I would like the draft first . .where I can look into this further and perform research . .then the final project can come a few days later.

    ________Here's the project:

    ---Perform a multiple regression analysis using business data of your choice from the Internet, the library, or a company and write up the results as a report to upper-level management, either as a background summary report or as a proposal for action. The report should include five to seven pages plus an appendix and should be based on the following format:

    a. Introduction: Describe the background and questions of interest and the data set clearly as if to an intelligent person who knows nothing about the details of the situation.
    b. Analysis and Methods: Analyze the data, presenting displays and results, explaining as you go along. Consider including some of each of the following:
    1. EXPLORE the data using histograms or box plots for each variable and using scatter plots for each pair of variables.
    2. Use a TRANSFORMATION (such as the logarithm) only if this would clearly help the analysis by dealing with a big problem in the diagnostic plot.
    3. Compute the CORRELATION of each pair of variables and interpret these values.
    4. Report the MULTIPLE LINEAR REGRESSION to predict one variable (chosen appropriately) from the others. Comment on how good the regression analysis is in terms of both prediction accuracy (standard error of estimate) and how well it explains the relationship (coefficient of determination). In particular: Are your results reasonable? Are they statistically significant?
    c. Conclusion and summary. What has this analysis told you about the situation? How have your questions been answered?
    d. Appendix: List the data, with their source indicated.

    ___________ANOTHER PART OF THIS_____
    THE FIRST THING I would need is a 'draft' of this theoretic project:
    Draft includes:
    1. 1-2 page Word draft of this data project which uses the data set of 3 or more variables (columns) with at least 25 elementary u nits (rows). Be sure to include the following in this limited draft:
    a. One paragraph description of the situation and why it is important.
    b. Description of the variables, identifying the variable to be predicted from the others.
    c. Regression results from statistical software such as excel.
    d. One paragraph discussion of the results.
    e. The data set

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