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Regression Analysis in SPSS - Sportswear

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See attached file for data.

A sportswear manufacturer wishes to investigate the relationship between level of advertising, coupon value and sales. The manufacturer advertises several times a month and includes a manufacturer coupon (in dollars) with each advertisement. The value of the coupon remains the same in a month but varies from month to month. The manufacturer expects that the number advertisements and coupon value have a positive impact on sales. In addition, the manufacturer expects that the impact of advertisements increases as the coupon value increases. The manufacturer collects the sales (in thousands of dollars), number of ads and coupon value for the last one year. The data is in sportswear.sav. Express the regression model that the company must use, state the null and alternate hypothesis, estimate the model and provide interpretation. When the manufacturer advertises 5 times in a month and includes a $3 coupon, what is the expected sales?

To open up the data file you will need spss
If regression is required, please profive the multi comparison table.

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Step by step method for regression analysis in SPSS is given in the answer.

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