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Chi Square test

The chi-square test. Think of a real-world situation that would best be analyzed using this technique. For this Discussion do the following:

1. Clearly describe the dependent and independent variables you would study;
2. State the research question and statistical null and alternative hypotheses; and
3. Explain why this test is appropriate and why the correlation, t-test, regression, or ANOVA is not appropriate.

Real world situation can be something simple.

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The chi square test is a statistical test in which the sample distribution is assumed to be chi square. One textbook example of the chi square test is if a sample is taken from a normal distribution, then the sample variance follows a chi square distribution, and this allows us to use the chi square test.

Let us consider this example.

Suppose we have a car factory and we are interested in the weight of the cars (the weight of the car is normally distributed). We have been making this car for long enough and we know that the variance is A. Now we made some ...

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Chi Square test