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    Multivariate regression analysis with SPSS

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    The data set question2.dat contains two test scores (Math and Reading) for each of n = 50 students. In addition to the test scores, the researchers asked the students how much time they spent watching TV, reading books not related to school, playing sports, and using a computer for entertainment purposes. The researchers were interested in studying the relationships between the test scores and the time spent in leisure activities. Note: The data columns are Math Score, Reading Score, TV, Book, Sport, and Computer time respectively.

    (a) Perform a multivariate regression analysis to determine examining the relationship between test scores and use of leisure time. Interpret the results of the Wilks Lambda.

    (b) Evaluate the assumptions of the regression model.

    (c) Perform a canonical correlation analysis of the data. Interpret the results.

    (d) The researchers are interested in determining if the relationship between the test scores and time spent on each of the four leisure activities is the same, regardless of the activity. That is, if the regression model is:

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