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Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Test

An Ice Cream manufacturer wants to know if their claim of 64 oz. per each half gallon container is any less than 64 oz. 1) How would you set up the hypotheses? One or Two tailed test? If one tailed, upper or lower? 2) With 30 samples, alpha at 0.05, a standard deviation at 0.3, and a mean of 63.98, perform the z-test.

Hypothesis Testing - Easy Eye, Inc.

Easy Eye, Inc. manufacturers adult sunglasses of all types. The company's management is not sure whether to target the next promotional campaign primarily toward men or women and has asked the research team to determine whether the market for sunglasses is split in half. A study is conducted at various cooperating stores selli


Concrete blocks are to be used in the foundations of several buildings. The specifications state that the minimum arithmetic mean compressive strength of a sample of blocks must be 1,000 pounds per square inch (psi). If two companies submit samples of blocks that have mean compressive strengths over the minimum (1,000 psi), then

Hypothesis testing

Every year the Wall Street Journal has a feature on compensation of CEOs of different companies. The data include type of company, amount of salary, amount of bonus, % change from the previous year, and several other compensation forms. A sample of the data is shown in the table. (SEE ATTACHED TABLE!) a). Look at the 1996

Data elements

Questions: List the data elements you are provided. How do you use these data elements to determine how to solve the problem? ___________________________________________________ In an attempt to improve quality many manufacturers are developing partnerships with their suppliers. A local fast-food burger outfit has partnered

What is the question to be answered?

Question: What is the question to be answered in completing this problem? ___________________________________________________ Most traffic lights are set so that there is enough time for pedestrians to cross the road safely. A recent study indicates that a large number of elderly cannot get across the road in the usual 15 sec

Inferences - one population

In a new advertising campaign, Coca-Cola pokes fun at the decision to revive its famous contoured bottle. Atlanta based Coke faced significant technical hurdles in bringing out the well-known bottle in a new material: plastic. Coke also conducted extensive marketing tests to make sure that one of the world's best known package

Hypothesis Test

Using the data set below for the Hypothesis Testing Paper, a new hypothesis test (such as large sample size, small sample size, means and/or proportions, one-and two-tailed tests) that can perform on the data below I pulled together. Perform the five-step hypothesis test on the data and describe the results of the tests and comp

Hypothesis Testing

An Electric Co. Operates a fleet of trucks that provide electrical service to the construction industry. Monthly mean maintenance cost has been $75 per truck. A random sample of 40 trucks provided a sample mean of $82.50 per month, with a sample deviation of $30. Managers want a test to determine whether the mean monthly mainte

Hypothesis Testing

A bath soap manufacturing process is designed to produce a mean of 120 bars of soap per batch. Quantities over or under are undesirable. A sample of 10 batches shows the following number of bars of soap. The population is assumed to be normal. 108, 118, 120, 122, 119, 113, 124, 122, 120, 123 Using a .05 level of significance,

Hypothesis Testing

A Federal funding program is available to low income neighborhoods. To qualify for the funding a neighborhood must have a mean household income of less then $15,000 per year. Neighborhoods with mean household income of $15,000 or more do not qualify. Funding decisions are based on a sample of residents in the neighborhood. A hyp

Hypothesis Testing

A well known doctor hypothesized that 75% of women wear shoes that are too small. A study of 356 women by the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society found 313 women wore shoes that were at least one size too small. Test Null Hypothesis (Ho): p=.75 and alternative hypothesis (Ha): p does not = .75 at .01 level of significanc

Hypothesis Testing

Background:The Waterhole bar & grill decided to run a special offer of a free fried zucchini appetizer with the purchase of a pitcher of beer & a sandwich for Monday nights only during the height of the baseball season. A loyal customer who loves baseball and grows vegetables agreed to supply the squash free. Management's object

Test Value

A pizza store chain wants to see which pizza toppings customers seem t olike the best. A random sample of people were asked about their pizza preferences. At an alpha value of 0.01, find the test value for the data provided in the following table. Toppings pepperoni sausage mushroom onion No. sold 12

Identification of Parametric and Nonparametic Data

Please help me identify if each of the following situations "P" if it is an example of parametric data or "NP" if it is an example of nonparametric data. 1. In a comparison of two towns, is the average height of its residents the same? _____ 2. A manufacturer produces a batch of memory chips (RAM) and measures the mean-time-

Hypothesis Testing

The Problem Solving Inventory (PSI) has a normal distribution with mean = 90 and standard deviation = 15. A researcher suspects that the mean for female students is higher than 90. She takes an SRS of 25 female students and gives PSI. Suppose we know that scores in the population of female students are normally distributed with

Test Statistic

Data, test statistic, word problem. Please see the attachment.

Hypothesis Testing

Research by the Illinois Banking Company revealed that only 10 percent of their customers wait more than five minutes to do their banking. Management considers this reasonable and will not add more tellers unless the proportion becomes larger than 10 percent. The branch manager at the Litchfield Branch believes that the wait i

Significance level and hypothesis testing

Last year, television station WXYZ's share of the 10 P.M. news audience was approximately equal to, but not greater than, 25%. The station's management believes (and would like to claim for advertising purposes) that the current share is higher than last year's 25% share. In an attempt to substantiate this claim, the station s

Hypotheses Testing

A company that depends heavily on advertising for selling its products wants to know if its various advertising media have different effectiveness relative to the age of the customer. The company uses its warranty return cards to collect the following information: This is a table that lists type of advertisement first then it

Statistic problem: Hypothesis Testing of running shoes

Directions: Test the following hypotheses using the Traditional Method. You must show all the steps involved and the final statement must be phrased appropriately for the problem. A sports-shoe manufacturer claims that joggers who wear its brand of shoe will jog faster than those who don't. A sample of eight joggers is take

Hypothesis Testing

A statistician claims that the average score on a standardized test of students who major in psychology is greater than the average of students who major in mathematics. The results of the test, given to 50 students in each group, are shown below. Is there enough evidence to support the statistician's claim at a 1% level of si

Test of hypotheses: At a level of significance of 2%, is there enough evidence to say the percentage has changed? At a level of significance of 1%, can the claim be rejected? At a level of significance of 5%, is there enough evidence to support the manager's claim?

1. From past records, a hospital found that 37% of all full-term babies born in the hospital weighed more than 7 pounds 2 ounces. This year a sample of 100 babies showed that 23 weighed over 7 pounds 2 ounces. At a level of significance of 2%, is there enough evidence to say the percentage has changed? 2. A recent study s

Probability distribution and hypothesis testing

There are 4 entrances to a building in Philadelphia. The bldg maintenance super would like to know if the entrances are equally utilized. To investigate, 400 people were observed entering the building. The number using each entrance is reported below. At the .01 signficance level, is there a difference in the use of the four ent

Null and Alternative Hypothesis

Multiple Choice: All of the following are possible hypotheses surrounding nominal data except: a. The percentage of people favoring brand A is greater than the percentage favoring brand B. b. The average income of electricians exceeds the average income of carpenters. c. The number of households with term life insurance e

Null and Alternative Hypothesis

Given a two-tail test for the population mean, the null hypothesis contains a(n) __________ sign, and the alternative hypothesis contains a(n) ___________ sign. a. ¹, = b. =, ³ c. £, = d. =, ¹ Use the following information for questions 3 - 5. The Waterhole bar and grill decided to run a special offer of a fr

2 True and False questions on hypothesis testing

1) For any hypothesis test, if the value of a parameter being tested falls outside the confidence interval for the same level of a, the correct decision is to reject the null hypothesis. Is this True or False? 2) Irrespective of whether a two-tail or one-tail test is being conducted in order to compare two population means, t

Null and Alternative Hypothesis

The educational testing service (ETS) designs and administers the SAT exams. Recently the format of the exam changed and the claim has been made that the new exam can be completed in an average time of 120 minutes. A sample of 50 new exam times yielded an average time of 115 min. The standard deviation is assumed to be 2 minu