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    Statistics - Standard Deviation

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    Part 1
    Would like each student in the class to go to the market and purchase 10 bags of M&M regular size candy.

    This is the 1.69 oz. size

    We will be using these candies throughout the rest of the course.

    Please count the number of M&M's in each bag and calculate the following statistics for your sample of ten bags.

    1. the mean or average
    2. the standard deviation

    What does this data tell us by itself before we do anything with it such as doing hypothesis testing or comparing it to other data?

    How can this be used by the M&M company?

    Part 2
    The management of the M&M company is concerned that they are either overfilling the bags for the 1.69 size or underfilling them

    They have contracted with us - the UOP 342 research institute (that's you) to help them analyze what is going on an determine if they really have a problem. Historically they have seen an average of 56.5 M&M's in a bag - with a standard deviation of 1.2 M&M's.

    Develop a hypothesis based on the problem statement above that you can test.

    What is the null hypothesis? What is the alternative or test hypothesis?

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