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Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing

Independent random samples taken at two companies provide the following information regarding the anual salaries of the employees. WhitneyCo. Max Co. sample size 72 50 Sample mean (in$1000) 48 43 Sample standard deviatio

Hypothesis testing

MNM Inc, has their stores located at three different locations. Random samples of the daily sales of the three stores (in $1,00) are shown below. Stores 1 store 2 store 3 9 10 6 8 11 7 7 10 8

Unusual Result

A candy company claims that 92% of consumers like their candies. To test this claim, 9571 people are selected at random from those who have eaten the company's candies. 791 rate the candies as unsatisfactory. Is this an unusual result (show criterion for determining the answer to this question)? Also, how do you interpret your s

Statistical Analysis Of Hedgerow Survey Data

I would like to compare data from a study I have been doing, but don't know which statistical tests to use. I have surveyed 40 hedgerows: 20 from site 1 20 from site 2 I have attached some of the data to show you at what stage I'm at: 1). I need to find out the significance of difference between the 2 sites in terms of