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Hypothesis Testing

Step-by-step hypothesis testing

Please help with the following problem. Please provide step-by-step calculations for the following problem in both Word and Excel. A machine is set to fill a bottle with 9 grams of medicine. A sample of 8 recently filled bottles revealed the following grams of medicine: 9.2, 8.7, 8.9, 8.4, 8.3, 8.5. Using a One Sample t T

Hypothesis Testing

A sample of 120 observations revealed that p = .30. At the 0.05 significance level, can the null hypothesis be rejected? a) state the decision rule b)compute the value of the test statistic c)what is your decision regarding the null hypothesis?


Using AIU's large database of survey responses from the AIU data set, complete the following: Perform hypothesis testing on one variable's data. (Choose either the intrinsic or extrinsic column.) Perform a t-test by formulating a null and an alternative statement, choosing an acceptable significance value, selecting the test

Statistics: Comparison Involving Means

Safegate Foods, Inc., is redesigning the checkout lanes in its supermarkets throughout the country and is considering two designs. Tests on customer checkout times conducted at two stores where the new systems have been installed result in the following summary of the data. (see attached SafeGate file) Test at the .05 level o

Population Distribution

A random sample of 15 observations provided x-bar = 182 and s = 12. (a) Test H0: &#956; = 190 versus H1: &#956; < 190 at &#945; = .05. State your assumption about the population distribution. (b) What can you say about the P-value of the test statistic calculated in part (a)? A weight loss program advertises "LOSE 40 P

Statistics: Hypothesis Testing

Environmental health indicators include air quality, water quality, and food quality. Twenty-five years ago, 47% of U.S. food samples contained pesticide residues. In a recent study, 44 of 125 food samples contained pesticide residues. a. State the hypotheses that can be used to show that the population proportion declined.

Statistics: Hypothesis Testing

Need help setting up, understanding and solving this problem: At Western University the historical mean of scholarship examination scores for freshman applications is 900. A historical population standard deviation &#963; = 180 is assumed known. Each year, the assistant dean uses a sample of applications to determine whether

Hypothesis Testing - Consumer Behavior

A sample of 500 respondents was selected in a large metropolitan area in order to determine information concerning consumer behavior. Among the questions asked was "Do you enjoy shopping for clothing?" Of the 240 males, 136 answered "Yes". Of the 260 females, 224 answered "Yes". 5.1 Is there evidence of a difference in th

Stats vs Ethical Considerations

1. Does using statistics as the sole basis for making a decision eliminate the need for ethical considerations? Why or why not? What role do ethics play when performing statistical testing?

Statistics: Hypothesis Testing

Need help setting up, solving and understanding this problem: During the 2004 election year, new polling results were reported daily. In an IBD/TIPP poll of 910 adults, 503 respondents reported that they were optimistic about the national outlook, and The President's leadership index jumped 4.7 points to 55.3. a. What is

Statistics: Hypothesis Testing

The cost of a one-carat VS2 clarity, H color diamond from Diamond Source USA is $5600. A Midwestern jeweler makes calls to contacts in the diamond district of New York City to see whether the mean price of diamonds there differs from $5600. a. Formulate hypotheses that can be used to determine whether the mean price in New Yo

Population mean tests and hypothesis tests

Problem #1 Independent random samples of 36 and 50 observations are drawn from two quantitative populations, 1 and 2, respectively. The sample data summary is shown here: Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample Size 36 50 Sample Mean 1.28 1.35 Sample Variance 0.058 0.056 Do the data prese

Statistics - Hypothesis Testings of Relationships

See the attached file. Problem #1 A total of 200 people in each of three grocery stores were asked if they favored, opposed, or were indifferent to the sale of lottery tickets in grocery stores. The results of the survey are summarized below. Test the hypothesis at &#945;= 0.05. Opinion Store A Store B Store C Favo

Performing a one-tailed test

An automobile assembly line operation has a scheduled mean completion time, mean, of 14.7 minutes. The standard deviation of completion times is 1.2 minutes. It is claimed that, under new management, the mean completion time has decreased. To test this claim, a random sample of 60 completion times under new management was taken.

Statistical Hypothesis Testing: Z test for Proportion

Factories are being compared to see if there is a difference in the average defect rates of the chips they produce. In the first factory 250 chips are sampled, In the 2nd factory 350 chips are sampled. Proportions of defective chips are 4.0% and 6.0% respectively. Using a confidence level of 95%. Which statement is supported by

Two Sample Test

The mall has two stores, one located on Street 1 and other on Street 2. Tow stores are laid out differently but both store managers claim their layout maximizes the amounts customers will purchase on impulse. A sample of 10 customers at Street 1 store revealed they spent the following amounts more than planned: 17.5, 19.73, 12.6

Hypothesis Testing and finding P-Value: Crime Example

The federal government recently granted funds for a special program designed to reduce crime in high-crime areas. A study of the results of the program in eight high-crime areas of Miami, Florida, yielded the following results. Number of Crimes by Area A B C D E F G H Before 14 7 4 5 17 12 8 9 Aft

Five step model of hypothesis testing for a counseling psychologist

A counseling psychologist is interested in determining whether the perception of a counselor's expertise is affected by the approach the counselor utilizes. In particular, the counseling psychologist is interested in contrasting a rational-emotive approach with a client-centered approach using an instrument that rates perceptio

Forecasting Hotel Check-Ins Example Problem

Given the following data on hotel check-ins for a 6-month period: July: 10 rooms August: 15 rooms September: 12 rooms October: 20 rooms November: 18 rooms December: 24 rooms With alpha = 0.2, what is the simple exponential smoothing forecast for October? Put your answer in the form xx.x with no additional numbers o

Number of Crimes by Area

The Federal Government recently granted funds for a special program designed to reduce crime in high-crime areas. A study of the results of the program in eight high-crime areas of Miami, Florida, yielded the following results. Number of Crimes by Area A B C D E F G H Before 14 7 4 5 17 12

Hypothesis Testing

The cost of an e-commerce website can vary a great deal. A market research team hypothesized that the cost of an average website is $3500. Ho mean = $3,500 H1 mean ? $3,500 The sample data obtained showed the following costs: 2000, 3000, 3500, 3900, 6000, 7000, 10000, 12000, 14900, 19900, 6990, 9990, 2400 I n

Sampling Method and P-Values

See the attached file. A sociologist wanted to determine which academic subject high school students preferred. The hypotheses she wishes to test are: Ho: The percentage of female high school students who prefer mathematics is equal to the percentage of male students who prefer mathematics. H1: The percentage of female

Probability Distribution and P-Values

See the attached file. A supermarket advertises that the waiting time spend by customers waiting in line at the cash register is uniform between 0 and 6 minutes. A number of customers complain that they wait in line too long for this to be true. Joel, the manager, decides to test whether the complains are justified by testing t

Probability and P-Values

See the attached file. There are two boxes, Box A and Box B. Box A has 40 tags with the number 1, 50 tags with the number 10, and 10 tags with the number 100. Box B has 40 tags with the number 100, 50 tags with the number 10, and 10 tags with the number 1. A box is picked at random and exactly one tag is drawn at random from th