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Correlation Coefficient and Hypothesis Testing

A geography teacher is interested in the link between mathematical ability and the ability to visualize three dimensional situations. He gives a group of 15 students a test and records each students score, m, on the mathematics questions and each students score, v, on the visio-spatial questions.

He calculates the following summary statistics:

Smm = 3747.73, Svv = 2791.33, Smv = 2564.33

(a) Calculate the product moment correlation coefficient for these data.

(b) Stating your hypotheses clearly and using a 5% level of significance test the theory that students who are good at mathematics tend to have better visio-spatial awareness.

Solution Summary

This response calculates the correlation coefficient for a product moment and conducts a hypothesis testing on a theory that students who are good at mathematics have better visio-spatial awareness.