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Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing with alpha level of 0.01

A supervisor and production specialist for a company wants to be sure that the 16 oz. can of worms it sells contains 16 ounces. The volume of the can doesn't allow for very much overfilling. A random sample of 49 cans of worms shows a sample mean of 15.1 ounces with a standard deviation of 0.2 ounces. Should production be stopp

Hypothesis testing to determine earnings in tips

At the time she was hired as a server, Beth was told, "you can average more than $20 a day in tips." Over the first 35 days she was employed at the restaurant, the mean daily amount of her tips was $24.85, with a standard deviation of $3.24. At the .01 significance level, can Beth conclude that she is earning an average of mor

Hypothesis Testing and Calculating Sample Size

Please complete the following: 1.What do you do with the employees who experience equal intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction. 2. What is the required sample size if you need to estimate the number of workers in the United States who are highly satisfied with their job and you want the estimate to be within 2 percentag

School of Public Health

Hypothesis testing and t-tests 1. A researcher randomly assigns subjects with hypertension to one of three drug doses, then measures the heart rate of each group after administering the drug. The purpose of the study is to see what effect the drug has on heart rates. What are the independent variable(s) and dependent variable

Calorie Watchers

Calorie Watchers has low-calorie breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. If you join the club, you receive two packages meals a day. CW claims that you can eat anything you want for the third meal and still lose at least five pounds the first month. Members of the club are weighed before commencing the program and again at the end of

Null and Alternative Hypothesis Analysis

The following hypotheses are given: Ho: Forty percent of the observations are in category A, 40 percent are in B, and 20 percent are in C H1: The observations are not as described in Ho We took a sample of 60, with the following results: Category Fo A 30 B 20 C

Hypothesis Testing

(The table is the student's t values generated by Minitab Version 9.2. Do not show sketches) --- Statistics Problems#1 Marketing: Shopping Time - How much customers buy is a direct result of how much time they spend in the store. A study of average shopping time in a large national house ware store gave the following info

How to write a research report using grounded theory

The topic I am treating now is based on using qualitative analysis based on grounded theory to investigate the topic "Mature student studying at University". Please could you shed some light on how to go about writing a report on this, especially on Abstract, introduction, Methods result/discussion section .

Statistics - Required sample size for the automotive industry

(See attached file for full problem description) --- 1. Use the below data to compute the sample size required for the Automotive Industry 2. Describe the independent and dependent variables 3. Include final recommendations related to defining and explaining the problem and stating the hypotheses that will be tested ---

Higher Taxes survey - Hypothesis Testing

Show all work. State H0 and H1 where appropriate. (Use a 95% confidence level unless another level is specified.) Answers must be with reasons Exhibit T1: According to a 1992 survey, a 40% of the American population would support higher taxes to pay for health insurance. A state government is considering offering a health i

Hypothesis test

A medical board approved the average stay in the hospital for patients that have a particular operation as 6.0 days. However, the insurance company the claims that the average hospital stay for patients has been substantially longer than 6.0 days. To examine this claim a sample of 100 patients who had this operation in the last

Hyopthesis testing and Z-Distribution

1. A new process has been implemented and it is stated to have an average cycle time of 120 seconds. A sample of 50 cycles yielded an average cycle time of 115 seconds, with a standard deviation of 2 seconds. A. Set up the null and alternative hypothesis B. Test your hypothesis using a level of significance of 0.05 A new proc


(See attached file for full problem description) --- Deb is the owner and manager of Deb's Specialty Coffees and Desserts, a small Oregon firm that roasts coffee beans and retails bulk beans to grocery stores, as well as desserts targeted to health conscious consumers. Deb is curious as to whether her new publicity campaign

Analysing Confidence Levels

As part of the quality control process, samples of parts are periodically taken for measurement to see if they conform to specifications. In one sample the diameter of a part is measured with the following results: x_m1 = 3.56 mm, σ_1 = 0.06 mm, n_1 = 20 A second sample is taken with the following results: x_m2 = 3

Rejection Rate Hypothesis

It is suspected that the rejection rate for a plastic-cup-molding machine is dependent on the temperature at which the cups are molded. A series of short tests is conducted to examine this hypothesis with the following results: Temperature Total Production Number Rejected T1 150

The Gibbs Baby Food Company wishes to compare the weight gain of infants...

The Gibbs Baby Food Company wishes to compare the weight gain of infants using their brand versus their competitor's. A sample of 40 babies using the Gibbs products revealed a mean weight gain of 7.6 pounds in the first three months after birth. The standard deviation of the sample was 2.3 pounds. A sample of 55 babies using

Statistics Study Questions

(See attached file for full problem description) --- A. Circle the correct answer. 1. The null hypothesis is a claim about a. the size of the sample. b. the size of the population. c. the value of a sample statistics. d. the value of the population parameter. 2. when the null hypothesis is rejected, we conclude that

Hyopthesis testing

A financial analyst wants to compare the turnover rates, I percent, for shares of oil-related stocks versus other stocks, such as GE and IBM. She selected 32 oil related stocks and 49 other stocks. The mean turnover rate of oil-related stocks is 31.4 percent and the standard deviation 5.1 percent. For the other stocks, the mean

Hypothesis testing and Regression

1. Bi-lo Appliance Stores has outlets in several large metropolitan areas. The general sales manager plans to air a commercial for a digital camera on selected local TV stations prior to a sale starting on Saturday and ending Sunday. She plans to get the information for Saturday - Sunday digital camera sales at the various outle

Hypothesis test

Your director has banned the use of all artificial fingernails, claiming their use contributes to patient infections in the unit. After multiple discussions the director has allowed you to do a research study to determine if the use of artificial fingernails causes increases in infection rates. You would really like to prove tha

Hypothesis test

Test the hypothesis that a population mean is 14 against the alternate that it is NOT 14. Use an alpha of 1%. A sample of 500 will be taken. The sample standard deviation is 6.4. The computed sample mean is 14.7356. ? Use the full, formal, hypothesis testing model. ? Calculate the p-value. ? State your conclusions both in

Hypothesis test - expanding economy

Each month the National Association of Purchasing Managers publishes the NAPM index. One of the questions asked on the survey to purchasing agents is: Do you think the economy is expanding? Last month, of the 300 responses 160 answered yes to the question. This month, 170 of the 290 responses indicated they felt the economy was

Hyopthesis testing

A board of directors at the Anchor Pointe Marina is studying the usage of boats among its members. A sample of 30 members who have bots 10 to 20 feet in length showed that they used their boats an average of 11 days last July. The standard deviation of the sample was 3.88 days. For a sample of 40 members with 21 to 40 feet in le

Hypothesis test

An official of the Iowa department of Highways wants to compare the useful life, in months, of two brands of paint used for striping roads. The mean number of months Cooper Paint lasted was 36.2, with a standard deviation of 1.14 months. The official reviewed 35 road stripes. For king Paint, the mean number of months was 37.0, w

Hypothesis Testing and Tests for Independence for a construction company

A construction company wants to determine if the likelihood of having an injury is related to the type of worker. Over the past decade the company has had an average total workforce of 2560 workers. On average 601 of these were tradesmen, 381 were apprentices and the rest were labourers. During that decade there was a total of 4