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    Hypothesis testing problems

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    The results of a recent study regarding smoking and three types of illness are shown below. The illnesses are Emphysema, Heart Problem, and Cancer. Under nonsmokers there were 20 with emphysema, 70 with heart problems and 30 with cancer for a total of 120. Under smoker there were 60 with emphysema, 80 with hear problems and 40 with cancer for a total of 180. The totals for emphysema were 80, for heart problems 150 and for cancer 70 and a grand total of 300 in the study We are interested in determining whether or not illness is independent of smoking.Conduct the appropriate test at an alpha level of 0.05 Columns are Illness--Nonsmoker--Smoker--Totals and the rows are the three illnesses and a total row.

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