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    Satistics - Probability - Hypothesis Testing

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    The Telecommunications industry achieved a more rapid increase in ROI during its initial 75 years in existence than the Oil & Gas industry achieved.
    Which business sector, Oil & Gas or Telecommunications, achieved the greater ROI as their relative business sector matured?"

    Assuming level of significance α= .05

    3. Calculate test statistic.
    4. Compute probability of test statistic.
    5. Describe the results of your test.

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    (1) H0: The Telecommunications industry achieved about the same or lesser ROI than the Oil & Gas sector,
    that is 2  1
    Ha: The Telecommunications industry achieved a greater ROI than the Oil & Gas sector, that is, 2 > 1
    (2) Upper-tailed t- test for the difference in means of independent samples with  = 0.05
    Dof ...

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