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    Hypothesis Testing - Height of Baseball Players

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    Heights of baseball players
    A researcher wants to compare variances of heights in inches of major league players with those in the minor league baseball a sample 25 players from each league variances for heights of each league are 2.25 and 4.85 respectively. At α = 0.10, is there a significant difference between the variances of the heights for the two leagues?

    School absences
    The variations in the number of absentees per day in two schools are being compared. A sample of 30 days is selected; the standard deviation of the number of absentees in school A is 4.9, and for school B it is 2.5. At α = 0.01, can one conclude that there is a difference in the two standard deviations? for the following two problems perform the steps below

    a draw a scatter chart
    b compute the value of the correlation coefficient
    c test the significance of the correlation coefficient at α = 0.01 using table I
    d determine the regression line equation
    e plot the regression line on the scatter plot
    f predict y' for a specific value of x

    Hits and strike outs
    these data represent the number of hits and number of strikeouts for 15 players on a college baseball team. If there is a significant relationship between the variables, predict the number of strikeouts a baseball player is likely to have if he has 30 hits

    hits x 54 16 41

    strikeouts y 12 6 30

    hits x 54 41 29

    strikeouts y 26 20 23

    typing speed and word processing a researcher desires to know whether the typing speed of a secretary (in words per minute) is related to the time (in hours) that it takes the secretary to learn to use a new word processing program. The data are shown

    speed x 48 74 52

    time y 7 4 8

    If there is a significant relationship , predict the time it will take the average secretary who has a typing speed of 72 words per minute to learn the word processing program

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    A researcher compares variances of height in inches of major league players with minor league players. A hypothesis test is used to determine this.