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Baseball Averages: Describe and perform the five-step hypoth

See attached data file.

Describe and perform the five-step hypothesis test process:

Set up the hypothesis,
Select a level of significance,
Establish the decision rule,
Calculate the test statistic,
Draw conclusion.

One Sample Hypothesis

Using the Major League Baseball Data Set available through the "Data Sets" link on your page, answer the research question of whether or not the players are better as batters comparing to 20 years ago, i.e., the average BA (batting average, called Batting in the description of the data set) is higher than that of the 1985 season (0.252).

Verbal Hypothesis
Null hypothesis: The batting average of 20 years ago is consistent with the batting average of a player today.

Alternative: The players today have a better average compared to the players 20 years ago. (This is what we are testing)

The descriptions need to be done in a way that is in laymen terms for those reading.

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