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    Statistics - Five-step Hypothesis Test - Research Question

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    What is you numeric and verbal hypothesis statement regarding your research?
    Verbal: If a baseball team has a salary greater than the mean amount, then the wins for that year will be greater than 75.
    Alternate: If a baseball team has a salary less than the mean amount, then the wins for that year will be less than 75.
    Numeric: H0 (S0) &#956; < (W1) 75
    H1 (S0) &#956; > (W1) 75
    S0 = Salary
    W1 = Wins

    What is your research issue?
    We would like to determine if a higher salary increases wins.

    What is your research question in which you can test two or more populations?
    Does a higher salary in any baseball team increase the wins of the team?

    2. Perform the five-step hypothesis test on data pertaining to your selection.
    3. Describe the results of your test, and explain how the findings from this hypothesis testing can be used to answer your research question.

    4. Be sure to include your raw data tables and the results of your computations in your paper, using both graphical and tabular methods of displaying data and results.

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