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Hypothesis Testing in Hockey Players

How tall are college hockey players? The average height has been 68.3 inches. A random sample of 14 hockey players gave a mean height of 69.1 inches. We may assume that x has a normal distribution with mu = 0.9 inch. Does this indicate that the population mean height is different from 68.3 inches? Use 5% level of significance.

a) State the null and the alternate hypothesis.
b) Identify the sampling distribution to be used: the standard normal distribution or the Student's t distribution. Find the critical value(s).
c) Compute the z or t value of the sample test statistic.
d) Find the P value or an interval containing the P value for the sample test statistic.
e) Based on your answers to a through d, decide whether or not to reject the null hypothesis at the given significance level. Explain your conclusion in the context of the problem.

Solution Summary

This solution provides the null and alternative hypothesis, identifies the distribution, computes the test statistic, and compares to the p-value and makes a decision to accept or reject the null hypothesis.