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Hypothesis Testing - Product Sales Distribution

For the following problems follow these steps
a state the hypotheses and identify the claim
b find the critical value(s)
c compute the test value
d make the decision
e summarize the results

Product sales distribution
A company owner wishes to determine whether the number of sales of a product is equally distributed over five regions. A month is selected at random, and the number of sales is recorded. The data are as shown here. At α = 0.05, can the owner conclude that the number of items sold in each region is the same?

Region Sales
NE 236
SE 324
MW 182
NW 221
SW 365

Anger control
A researcher surveyed 50 randomly selected subjects in four cities and asked if they felt their anger was the most difficult thing to control. The results are shown here
At α = 0.10, is there enough evidence to reject the claim that the proportion of those who felt this way in each city is the same?
city A city B city C city D
yes 12 15 10 21
38 35 40 29
total 50 50 50 50


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Hypothesis testing for product sales distribution is analyzed. A researchers survey is used.