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    Non directional hypothesis - Get Super Slim X

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    Suppose the company that has produced "Get Slim X" now produces an even better diet pill. This new and improved version is called "Get Super Slim X." Health researchers say that the mean weight loss after taking this pill for six months should be 7 pounds. A random sample of 49 people, who want desperately to lose weight, takes the pill for the six-month trial period. At the end of the test period, mean weight loss is found to be 8.1 pounds. Assume that the population standard deviation is 2 pounds, based on a volume of evidence from similar diet programs. Set up a non-directional hypothesis test for "Get Super Slim X" with a 1% risk level. Fill in details. Use symbols for H0 and H1.

    (a) (1) H0:

    (b) (1) H1:

    (c) (2) Critical Values: z =

    (d) (3) Test Statistic (Show procedure.): z =

    (e) (1) Decision on H0:

    (f) (2) Conclusion on the problem:

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    Solution Summary

    A non-directional hypothesis test for "Get Super Slim X" with a 1% risk level is used to determine if the claims made by the company are correct.