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The Characteristics of Differing Research Designs

Briefly describe some of the ethical issues that are unique to single-subject research designs and how you would protect the rights of your subject in this type of research. Briefly define what a Multiple Baseline Design is How would you deal with a Multiple Baseline Design where the intervention you are using is effectiv

Non-Equivalent Control Group Designs

When would it be better (under what conditions) to use the non-equivalent groups design? Please also provide a real world example along with you answer If you have scholarly resource to support your answer, please provide that source and then cite your source using APA format

The Solomon Four Group Experimental Design

Briefly describe the basic pre-test, the post-test experimental design, and the Solomon Four-Group design. Do feel that the Solomon Four-Group design. is better than the pre-test and the post-test designs?

Between-Subjects and Within-Subjects designs

Describe some of the different sources of confounding variables in both between-subjects and within-subjects designs. How can researchers work around these potential pitfalls when conducting an experiment? What about when using single subject designs? Finally, when would you suggest using a between-subjects experimen

jeffery dahmer

Explain a comprehensive diagnostic formulation which integrates etiology, theory, and research. Cite sources/provide references APA format What was Jeffery Dahmer mental disorder? Why do you think he had this problem? What was Jeffery Dahmer age, gender, drug and alcohol history, goals, coping skills and weakness. What w


MDMA is Molly and Molly is the ingredients or active drug ecstasy, but in a more pure form. MDMA is empathogenic drug of amphetamine and phenethylamine classes of drugs. MDMA was not created to become a popular street drug it was used to treat depression originally. 1) Identify rates of use and populations affected by using t

Effective Experiment Techniques

Using true experimental method and based on: The central hypothetical research question proposed for this investigation is: "Do behavioral interventions work for improving outcomes in children with autism?" The hypothesis is as follows: "Behavioral interventions provided in the preschool classroom will improve social interaction

Naturalistic Observation Discussion

In your own words, what is a Naturalistic observation method and what is involved? What do you like and dislike about this Naturalistic observation method? What differentiates this non-experimental method from a true experiment?

Stanford Prison Experiment: Was Zimbardo Completely Honest?

I am starting to learn that a researcher needs an Informed Consent for all participants in a research study. In truth, a researcher must tell your participants everything about the study, except for your hypothesis (what you are looking for). Then right after the study, during debriefing - you must tell them that. The human subj

The Importance of Psychophysics

Which (neuroscientist or psychophysicist) could better answer the question "How long does it take for a person to become aware of a flashing light?" and why? Please do not copy and paste, and give scholarly references. Thank you.

Bruner's education method

Smith, M. K. (2002). Jerome Bruner and the process of education: If Bruner were to organize a classroom for teaching math, what would it look like? Give a couple of specific examples of what supplies, techniques, methods he would use in his classroom and why you think this based on the Smith article or any of Bruner's own work s

The Psychological Perspective on Extrasensory Perception

What is extra sensory perception? Is extra sensory perception classified as real science or as a false science? Why is extra sensory perception classified as a real science or a false science? Why do some people believe that extra sensory perception that was performed on them had actually worked for them? Is there a

Noise and Sound

Please help answer the following question: What is the difference between noise and sound give an example please?

Interpreting Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

What is different about how we interpret verbal behavior and how we interpret nonverbal behavior? What kinds of information do we get from each? Are we equally able to control each channel? Is each kind of information equally informative? Equally trustworthy?

Attitudinal Influences on Information Processing

Attitudinal influences on information processing and decision making/attitudes influence various stages of information processing, such as attention, interpretation, and memory. It is through their influence that you attend to only a portion of the information in your environment; and, although you may attend to the same informa

Conjoined Twins Tatiana and Kristin Hogan

Conjoined Twins Tatiana and Kristin Hogan I have some questions to expand on this subject. In the case of Tatiana and Krista they were able to see out of each other's eyes, which obviously open them up to larger views and a tremendous amount of visual stimuli. 1. While they were able to see out of each other's eyes, were

Perception Binding Discussion

What are your thoughts on the content of this discussion below as it relates to perception binding? Do you agree or disagree? Why This is their discussion: Perceptual binding, Gestalt theory, and feature integration, each focus on how individual's perceive the world around them; seeking to determine if what they see is rea

Perception Discussion

What are your thoughts on the content of the discussion below as it relates to perception? Do you agree or disagree? Why Taste perception. As we know, there are tiny taste buds on our tongue, which sense the items we put into our mouths. However, recent research has shown that these taste buds simply pass along information a

A Discussion on the Process of Perception

What are your thoughts on the content of this discussion below as it relates to perception. Do you agree or disagree? Why This person illustrates how visual information is processed in the brain; they choose one of the other senses and summarize how its sensory information is organized into a perceptual and recognizable patte

The Perception of "Hearing"

My question for this post is how do you interpret the information below as it relates to hearing sensory information that is organized into a perceptual and recognizable pattern. Or could you clarify what the statement below? This is the statement that I would like for you to interpret, explain, or clarify what exactly it mea

Bottom-up Processing: Sensory Transduction to Perception

Sensation is the felt effects of energy impinging on our sensory receptor cells, and sound waves, the molecules that stimulate the olfactory and gustatory cells, and the pressures that deform the tactile receptors located under the surface of our skin. Perception is the process of representing consciously what objects and ev

Perceptual Binding: Mirror Neurons

Please help with the following problems. Please provide at least 300 words. Compare and contrast "the model of perceptual binding" with "the feature-integration theory" and "Gestalt theory". Explain how mirror neurons play a role in observational learning? Provide an example.

Perceptual Binding

Compare and contrast "the model of perceptual binding" with "the feature-integration theory" and "Gestalt theory". Explain how could mirror neurons play a role in observational learning? Provide an example. Use scholarly sources to support your answers. Cite your sources using an APA format.