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Perception Factors

What are your thoughts on the content of this discussion below as it relates to perception binding? Do you agree or disagree? Why

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Perceptual binding, Gestalt theory, and feature integration, each focus on how individual's perceive the world around them; seeking to determine if what they see is real, as well as how our visual system is able to rapidly identify the features that belong together as objects and colors.

Binding can be spatial as well as temporal, giving us both perceptual and cognitive binding. In terms of perceptual binding, it is defined as the cognitive ability to couple characteristics between items that one perceives. Perceptual binding, then, forms the question, how are features bound together to form objects? Gestalt theory replies with proposing that what is "seen" is what appears to the seer and not what may actually be there. This theory proposes, the nature of a unified whole is not understood by analyzing its parts (association). Integration-feature proposes individual pieces together separate features of an object to create a more complete perception of an object. In contrast, gestalt looks at the whole of an object; feature integration looks at the parts of an object to make the whole (both in a visual context); perceptual binding forms the object through cognition (mental processing),

Mirror neurons play a role in observational learning as mirror neurons respond equally when we perform an action and when we observe an action being performed. Observational learning produces the same outcome as mirroring, as an individual will model, retain, and replicate the behavior executed by others. Mirror neurons and observational learning both provide a basis for imitation.

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I am in agreement with the content in relation to perceptual binding due to the fact that perceptual binding is indeed a methodology by which to identify individuals perceive ...