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File drawer problem

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1) How does the "file drawer phenomenon" influence the entire body of research on a subject? Provide an example of the "file drawer phenomenon"

Limit the use of direct quotes. Cite scholarly sources with APA format

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The file drawer phenomenon is the pattern that studies with non-significant results are less likely to get published than studies with significant results. It is so-called because researchers, upon finding non-significant results, tend to 'file' the study in a drawer instead of trying to publish it.

The problem with this pattern is that if it is widespread, it can cause major misunderstandings about true patterns in data. Imagine, for example, that a new drug has been developed to treat HIV. Based on typical statistical approaches, we'll never know for sure if our new drug is effective at treating HIV, but we can ...

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Explains the file drawer phenomenon (the fact that non-significant results are less likely to be published than significant ones) and the effects on our understanding of scientific patterns.

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