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    graphing inequality and evaluate function

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    Sec 7.4
    In exercises 8, we have graphed the boundary line for the linear inequality. Determine the correct half-plane in each case, and complete the graph. See attached file for full problem description.
    y > 3

    Graph each of the following inequalities.
    16. 4x + y > = 4
    28. 3x - 4y < 12

    38. Number problems. You have at least $30 in change in your drawer, consisting of dimes and quarters. Write an inequality that shows the different number of coins in your drawer.

    Section 7.5
    In exercises 2, evaluate each function for the value specified.

    In exercise 18, rewrite each equation as a function of x. -3x + 4y = 11
    In exercise 22, graph the functions. f(x) = -2x - 5
    In exercises 27 to 32, if f(x) = 4x - 3, find the following:
    In exercises 33 to 38, if f(x) = 5x - 1, find the following:
    54. Business and finance: If the inventor in exercise 53 charges $4 per unit, then her profit for producing and selling x units is given by function P(x) = 2.25x - 7000
    (a) what is her profit if she sells 2000 units?
    (b) what is her profit if she sells 5000 units
    (c) what is break-even point for sales?

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    Section 7.4
    16. First draw the line 4x + y = 4
    Two points are needed to graph a straight line. Usually, we use the x- ...

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