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The Psychological Perspective on Extrasensory Perception

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What is extra sensory perception?

Is extra sensory perception classified as real science or as a false science?

Why is extra sensory perception classified as a real science or a false science?

Why do some people believe that extra sensory perception that was performed on them had actually worked for them?

Is there any scientific explanation for extra sensory perception?

Use only scholarly sources to support your answers. Cite your sources with an APA format

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Extra sensory perception is the purported ability of an individual to be able to perceive phenomenon outside of the natural realm of the five senses. An example of supposed extra sensory perception is the ability of an individual to predict future events, and another example may be the supposed ability of an individual to be able to identify an object on the other side of a wall, that they have not seen. Extra sensory perception is classified as false science by the vast majority of scientists and scientific institutions, although there was a ...

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This solution describes scientific perspectives on extrasensory perception.