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    Psychological Type Theory and Their Four Attributes of Personality

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    The Psychological type theory measures four attributes of personality.
    The four types of psychological theory are listed below. In your own words, briefly describe each one.

    1. Our attitude toward psychic energy; inward versus outward
    2. Our perception function (how we perceive the world): sensing versus intuition.
    3. Our judgment function (how we judge the world): thinking versus feeling
    4. Our outward orientation: which function we use in dealing with our outer world: perception or judgment.

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    Psychological types emerged from Jung's Analytic psychology. He asserted that the mind and the psyche is divided into three parts: (1) personal ego, (2) personal consciousness, and (3) collective unconsciousness (Campbell, 1980) For Jung, the psyche was a reflection of the world and man. Psychological types underlie Jung's perspective of personality dimensions. His theory held that there were dimensions of the personality that included four functions: a) sensing, (b) intuiting, (c) thinking and (d) [Ragozzio, & Kelly, 2001]. His explanation of psychological types is listed as follows:

    (a) Our attitude toward psychic energy; inward versus outward

    Campbell (1980) explains, Jung felt that individuals identify with the collective unconscious, "For the longing for the mother—the nostalgia, for the source from which we came" (P. 119). Thus, begins Jung's journey with the spiritual dimension of the personality. Based on his ...

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    This solution discusses the Theory of Psychological Types based on Carl Jung's paradigms of personality attributes.