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    Noise and Sound

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    What is the difference between noise and sound give an example please?

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    Sounds are mechanical vibrations that move in waves in the air and water. These sounds cause a sensation for those who may suffer from hearing loss to be able to feel the vibrations as they resonate with intensity. Sound is desirable and is a result of a series of regular and episodic vibrations (1). Noise on the other hand, is an abstraction of sound, and is often a ...

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    This solution discusses the differences between sound and noise, as they are believed by Russolo, and hypothesized by Herman Holmholtz. The explanation defines sound and noise, and It includes the six groups that the artist Luigi Russollo believed the noise could be categorized into, which include the following: rumbles, roars, explosions; hisses, snorts, whistles; percussion noises; voices of animals; whispers, mumbles, gurgles; screeches, buzzes, crackles. The answer is provided in 230 words with one reference.