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Environmental Air Quality

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1. Describe differences between sound power, sound intensity, and sound pressure.

2. What range of frequencies can humans hear? What range of frequencies do humans hear best?

3. Identify the primary sources of environmental noise.

4. What reference pressure is used in determining sound pressure levels?

5. Describe the relationship between sound pressure and distance from a source. If the distance is doubled, what is the difference in sound pressure levels in decibels?

6. What are weighting scales? Why are they used?

7. Most environmental noise measurements are made using a Type II meter. What is a Type II meter?

8. If you are exposed to two sound sources of 83 dBA each, what is your actual exposure in decibels?

9. How is loudness related to sound energy?

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This solution helps with the following problems regarding sound and hearing.

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1. Describe differences between sound power, sound intensity, and sound pressure.
Sound power is the sound energy emitted by a sound source per unit time.
Sound intensity is the average sound power transmitted across unit cross-sectional area of the medium.
Sound pressure is the variation in pressure with time along the direction of propagation of sound waves, due to oscillation of medium particles.
Sound pressure is a force quantity, while sound power and sound intensity are energy quantities.
Sound pressure and sound power vary with time, while sound intensity is an average value over time.

2. What range of frequencies can humans hear? What range of frequencies ...

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