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Consumer Mathematics

Ratios and Proportions Word Problems

The speed of a freight train is 15ph slower that the speed of a passenger train. The freight train travels 390 mi in the same time that it takes the passenger train to travel 480 mi. Find the speed of each train. It takes 60 oz of grass seed to seed 3000ft^2 of lawn. At the rate how much would be needed to seed 5000ft^2 of

Solving Equations and 'Together and Alone' Word Problems

6.8 5. By checking work records, a contractor finds that Kenny Dewitt can wire a room addition in 9 hr. It takes Betty Wohnt 7 hr to wire the same room. How long would it take if they worked together? 9. The HP Officejet 4215 All-in-one printer, fax, scanner, and copier can print in black one copy of a company's year-end


3 3 ____ - _____ x-1 x problem #2 2 6x-12 ____ . _______ x-2 14

Process Capability Ratio

The Older Then Dirt potting soil company uses a machine to fill 40-pound bags of enriched potting soil. The machine has a process standard deviation of 4 ounces. A new industry group wants to sets limits on what can be called a 40-pound bag: a 40-pound bad of dirt must weight at least 39 pounds, 2 ounces and no more than 40 p

Fractions Word Problems

What is the diameter of a circle with a radius of 23 3/5? YES, this is a fraction problem and please break it down. THANKS

Fractions, inequalities, and cross-multiplication

When we have two fractions on either sides of an equality or inequality symbol, we can multiply the numerator on the right hand side (RHS) with the denominator of the left hand side (LHS) and the numerator of LHS with denominator of RHS. The process of multiplying across the symbol and down is referred to as cross-multiplicati

Reduce to lowest terms

Reduce the following rational expression to its lowest terms: 9t^5 x^3 ----------------------- 15 t^2 y^2 + 9t^4

Compound Fractions

Express the following compound fraction in lowest terms 10c^2 d ------------- 7ab^3 --------------- 5c^3 d^4 --------------- 14b^5

Fractions Word Problems and Writing Equations from Word Problems

Allison is saving money to buy a video game system. In the first week, her savings were $8 less than 2/5 the price of the system. In the second week, she saved 50 cents more than 1/2 the price of the system. She was still $37.00 short. Find the price of the system.

Ratios and Proportions

The ratio of taxis to private automobiles int imes square @ 6pm on New Year's Eve was estimated to be 15 to 2. If there were 60 taxis, then how many private automobiles were there?

Perform operation

Perform the operation. x 3x --------------- - ------------- x^2 - 2x - 3 x^2 - 9

Five problem of Consumer Mathematics

1. 2 sizes of Jam 14 ounces for $1.29 or 32 ounces for $2.99 Which is the better buy? 2. The price of bread increased $1.39 to $1.49. To the nearest tenth of a percent what is the increase? 3. A college had a 1.5% decrease in students. If there were 22,400 students before the decrease how many students are there now?

Problem solving

Attendance at the Fireman's Ball has been declining. Each year, the number attending is 2/3 of the previous year's attendance and the cost of food is 3/4 that of the previous year. 1) In what year will the attendance be less than 1/3 the original attendance? 2) There was $1,200.00 worth of food the first year. What is the d

Fractions : Together and Alone Word Problems

Working together to get the job done. Betty and Frank, working together , can paint the exterior of a house in 3 days. Frank, by himself, can complete the job in 8 days less than Betty. How long will it take Betty to complete the job by herself?

Wave eqn (PDE)

Derive the wave eqation in 2 dimension. Give and and sovle any two examples of problem for wave eqn in 2D. Note: Please derive the equn in such a way that any one with basic understanding of PDE would easly grasp the procedure. make comment where needed. Thanks

Fractions Word Problems

1. Map is laid out in such a way that 1/2 inch equals 11 1/4 miles. How many miles are represented by 5.4 in? 2. If eggs cost 81 cents a dozen, how much would 2/3 dozen cost? 3. Williams sends 1/4 of his pay home each month. If his wife saves 1/3 of the amount he sends, what part of his pay is saved. 4. For the first three mo