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Consumer Mathematics

Improper Fractions and Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Leave the answer as improper fraction 1) 8/35-11/35+17/35 2) 4 6/7 + 2 8/11 3) 6 19/21 -(-2 1/3) 4) 7 2/7 - 4 5) 9/13 + 3 1/4 6) 3 7/12 - (15/12-9/12) 7) -3 5/9 - 2 1/7 + 4 2/3 8) 11/12+5/12 - x = 9/12 9) 4 7/8 + 1 3/5 - x = 3 39/40 evaluate 7x/15 - 2x/9=

Obtaining Data from a Frequency Table

A consumer's group checked the gasoline mileage (to the nearest mile per gallon) on 25 different cars. The following gives a summary of the findings: Miles Per Gallon Frequency Less than 15 2 16-20 4 21-30

Word Problem : Complete a table and write a rational expression involving rate.

Kent can Paint a certain house by himself in x days. His helper Keith can paint the same house by himself in x + 3 days. Suppose that they work together on the job for 2 days. To complete the table, use the fact that the work completed is the product of the rate and the time. Write a Rational expression for the fraction of th

Fractions Word Problem

Students with a class size of under 30,have finished their tests. One third of the class received a "B," one quarter a "B-",and one sixth a "C". One eighth of the class Failed. How many students in class received an A?

Ratio and Proportion : Elk and Fuel Efficiency

1. Park rangers catch, tag, and then release 140 elk back into a national park. One month later, they select a sample of 130 elk, 91 of which are tagged. Assuming the ratio of tagged elk in the sample holds for all elk in the park, approximately how many elk are in the park? 2. The formula M = 0.0075x2 - 0.2676x + 14.8 mode

Word Problems : System of Equations and Ratio and Proportion

An investor bought 2000 shares of stock. An initial purchase was for $12 per share and a second purchase was for $18 per share. If $27,000 worth of stock was purchased, how many shares were purchased at each price? A saltwater solution is formed by mixing 3 lbs of salt with 15 gal of water. At this rate how many additiona

Fraction Application Problem

The amount of the ingredients needed to make 3 and 5 servings of rice are: to make rice and water salt butter _________________________________________ 3 servings 1 cup 3/8 tsp 1 1/2 tsp 5 servings 1 2/3 cup 5/8 tsp 2 1/2 tsp Find the amount of each ingredient

Partial fractions

Express f(x) as the sum of partial fractions. f(x)=(3x^2+10x+9)/(2x^3+8x^2+10x+4) This is what I've done so far. f(x)= (3x^2+10x+9)/(2x^3+8x^2+10x+4) = (3x^2+10x+9)/((x+2)(2x+2)(x+1)) = (3x^2+10x+9)= a/(x+2)+b/(2x+2)+c/(x+1) Giving the simultaneous equations: 3=2a+b+2c 10=4a+3b+6c 9=2a+2b+4c


Reduce each answer to the lowest terms (see attachment)

I need help with these problems, I will give examples for each one,,,,

For O.T.A 103997,,, Example 1,, find the LCD for the given rational expression, and convert into an equivalent rational expression with the LCD as the denominator, X Y 1 - - - 9y5z, 12x3, 6x2y Example 2,, find the LCD for the given rational expression, and convert this rational expression into an

Using Rectangles for Fraction Addition and Fraction Expression

A. Use a rectangle to explain the process of adding 1/4 and 2/3 - Explain your answer. B. What multiplication problems are represented by each of the following area models? What are the products? (The 1st area model looks like one big rectangle with fifteen little rectangles in it, and 8 of them are shaded) (The 2nd area mo

Fractions : Word Problem

All of the primary students at the Sunshine Elementary School were present on the day that one-third of the class went on the science field trip. Two fifths of the remaining primary students went skating at the local rink.If there were 36 primary students remaining at school, how many primary students attend Sunshine Elementary?

Linear equations: Word problem. Bill owns a bike company, and wants to know how many bicycles and tricycles he should manufacture, with no leftovers, and how many boxes of seats he will order. (details given in actual problem)

Bill runs Bill's Big Bikes, a company that manufactures bicycles and specialty adult-sized tricycles. The bicycles and tricycles use the same-sized wheels and identical seats. Right now, Bill has 68 wheels in the shop and needs to order seats. Unfortunately, the company that supplies the seats will only ship seats in boxes of

Value of a loan

PV = $434000.00, N = 360, PMT = $3991.81, I/Y = 10.57%. If this 30 yr. loan is paid off in 10 yrs. with a balloon payment of $398,025.92. What would this currently 10 57% loan turn out to be? Or what would this $434,000.00 investment return be, with a return of 120 payments of $3991.81, which would return $479,017.20 (shou

Fractions differences in algebra

Context:It would normally follow on from work on sequences and fractions. Question: Ruth was investigating fraction differences. She wrote down this sequence of fractions: 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1,5 1,6 .. .. Then she worked out the difference between the consecutive fractions: 1/2, 1/6, 1/12, 1/20, 1/30, .. .. She Then worked o

A fraction word problem.

Sam and Mary each owned one-half of the stock in a printing company. Sam sold two-thirds of his stock to Mary. What fractional part of the printing business does Mary now own?