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    Calculating The Cash Flow to Stockholders

    The 2010 balance sheet of Maria's Tennis Shop, Inc., showed $470,000 in the common stock account and $4.5 million in the additional paid-in surplus account. The 2011 balance sheet showed $510,000 and $4.8 million in the same two accounts, respectively. If the company paid out $420,000 in cash dividends during 2011, what was t

    WalMart simulation re-order point

    Please see the following. Calculate re-order point. Format is Excel. (see attached file for data). Wal-Mart provides lower prices because they optimize their inventory via simulation to reduce their costs. Simulation is used to determine when and how many units to order from their suppliers, knowing that if they have inve

    Airport Simulation Capacity

    Airport Simulation Problem Problem Statement: You are to simulate arrivals and departures from a fictional airport with a single runway which has a capacity of handling a total 6 aircraft at once (any mix of takeoffs and landings). The purpose of the simulation is to determine how long aircraft will wait to access the runw

    Movie rental store problem

    You are looking at opening a new movie rental store. You expect that customers will arrive at the store that will have one cashier at a mean rate of 30/hour. You need to hire a cashier. You have narrowed the search to two candidates. Tom has a lot of experience but you will have to pay him more. Jane has never been a cashie

    Finance: Calculating Cash Flows

    I need help with the following... 1.The December 31, 2009 balance sheet showed $135,000 in the common stock account and 2.6 million in the additional paid in surplus account. The December 31, 2010 balance sheet showed 145,000 and 2.9 million in the same two accounts. If the company paid out 140,000 in cash dividends during

    Influence of mathematics on electronics

    Please help me plan a powerpoint presentation with comprehensive speaker's notes. 1. Introduction 2. How has mathematics influenced electronics? 3. Mathemathicians who influenced technology: Charles Babbage and Gottfried Leibniz a. Mathematician time period b. Their contribution that affected their society and the modern

    Gross Profit Margin For Each Year

    Johnson & Johnson reported the following revenue and cost of goods sold information in its 10-K report for 2006, 2007, and 2008. $ millions 2008 2007 2006 Sales to customers $63,747

    Proportionate growth rate & equilibrium size

    A population of beavers was introduced into a reserve on 1 January in a particular year, and the size of the population was estimated on the same date in each subsequent year. The size of the initial population was 100, and it had grown to approximately 180 after one year. After one further year, the size of the population was a

    Residents of Metropolis tax rates

    John, a resident of Metropolis, pays Metropolis an annual tax of $ 85 plus 1.6% of his annual income. If John paid $ 693 in tax, what was John income?

    The solution first discuss the definition of corporate and market betas and then calculate both of them in a specific example of Apex Health Services. Also, the average risk of stock is further discussed using the value of market beta.

    10.6 Suppose that Apex Health Services has four different projects. These projects are listed below, along with the amount of capital invested and estimated corporate and market betas: Project Amount Invested Corporate Beta Market Beta Walk-in clinic $ 500,000 1.5 1.1 MRI facility 2,000,000 1.2 1.5 Clinical lab. 1,500,000 0.

    Proportions and Ratios Problems

    Can you please check the answers to some math problems below, and provide step-by-step instructions for solving the ones that are incorrect? 1. Each row of a display contains 4 vases. The display contains 24 vases altogether. How many rows of vases are in the display? 24/4=6 vases. 2. Marco has 8 red T-shirts and ¼ as m

    Calculate Revenue

    During the month of April, Simpson Co. had cash receipts from customers of $170,000. Expenses totaled $156,000, and accrual basis net income was $42,000. There were no gains or losses during the month. Calculate the revenues for Simpson Co. for April.

    CPM Question - Activity Times

    The following represents a project with known activity times. All times are in weeks. Activity Predecessor Immediate Time A - 4 B - 3 C A 2 D B 7 E C, D

    Predicted and actual growth rate.

    Assume the carrying capacity of Earth is 23 billion. Use the 1960s peak annual growth rate of 2.1% and population of 3 billion to predict the base growth rate and current growth rate with a logistic model. Assume a current population of 6.8 billion. How does the predicted growth rate compare to the actual growth rate of about

    Calculating a Progression

    A king in ancient times agreed to award the inventor of chess with one grain of wheat on the first of the 64 squares on a chess board. On the second square the king placed two grains, on the third square he placed 4 grains and on the fourth square he placed 8 grains of wheat. If the amount of wheat continued to double in this m

    Tax Penalties

    Can you help me with the following problem? Woody's Cafe Real Estate tax of $1,110.85 was due on November 1, 2011. Due to financial problems Woody was unable to pay his cafe real estate tax bill until January 15, 2012. The penalty for late payment is 8 1/4% ordinary interest. A. What is the penalty Woody will have to pay

    Mortgages and Interest Payments

    Consider the following scenario: John buys a house for $135,000 and takes out a five year adjustable rate mortgage with a beginning rate of 5%. He makes annual payments rather than monthly payments. Unfortunately for John, interest rates go up by 1% for each of the five years of his loan (Year 1 is 5%, Year 2 is 6%, Year 3 is 7

    create word problem for fraction

    Use 36/5 to make up a problem where the remainder is a fraction. If not correct, please show step-by-step solution. Kit bought 36 crayons. She shared them equally with herself and 4 friends. How many crayons did earch person get? 5/36 = 7 1/5

    Solve Equations About Ages

    Refer back to Week One Discussion and use the names and ages of yourself and the other two people you selected. Make sure one is older than you and one is younger than you. In years, how old was the older person when you were born? Write an equation that models how old in years each of you will be, when your ages add up

    Setting up a quadratic function

    My problem is setting up a quadratic function for this problem: Research has shown that if 100 apple trees are planted, then the annual revenue is 90$ dollars per tree. If more trees are planted, they have less room to grow and generate fewer apples per tree. As a result, the annual revenue per tree is reduced by 0.70$ per ea

    Equivalents to Given Statements

    Can you give an equivalent statement to 1. If an Iowa farmer does not grow corn or beans, then he grows alfalfa. 2. It is not true that both Baghdad and Iraq are countries. 3. If my nephew is playing BB tonight, then I am going to the game.

    Real World Math Problems with Percentages

    1.) Jewelry Store: Amanda is a manager at a local jewelry store. When a customer purchases a diamond engagement ring, Amanda also suggests purchasing a pearl necklace as a gift for the fiancé's Mother. As a courtesy, Amanda discounts the necklace by 35% of the original price. From the cost, the engagement ring has a markup of 1

    Simulation problem using software

    Please see attachment for question. A small factory consists of a machining center and inspection station in series. Unfinished parts arrive to the factory with exponential times having mean of 2 minutes. Processing times at the machine are uniform on the interval [0.75, 0.80] minutes, and subsequent inspection times at the

    Market power

    List the characteristics of firms in each type of market: perfect competition, monopolistic competition, and monopoly. Give an example of each type of firm in our current economy. What are some ways a monopolistically competitive firm can maintain or increase its market power?

    Examine Egyptian fractions.

    a. Show that any rational number a/b , between 0 and 1, can be written as an Egyptian fraction. b. Can an irrational number between 0 and 1 ever be expressed as an Egyptian fraction? Why? *c.* Show that any positive rational number a/b can be written as an Egyptian fraction.