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    Finance: Calculating Cash Flows

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    1.The December 31, 2009 balance sheet showed $135,000 in the common stock account and 2.6 million in the additional paid in surplus account. The December 31, 2010 balance sheet showed 145,000 and 2.9 million in the same two accounts. If the company paid out 140,000 in cash dividends during 2010, what was the cash flow to stockholders for the year?

    2. Your firm has net income of 221 on total sales of 1,200.00. Costs are $715 and depreciation is $145. The tax rate is 35%. The firm does not have interest expenses. What is the operating cash flow?

    3. A firm has net working capital of $350. Long Term Debt is $600, total assets are $950 and fixed assets are $400. WHat is the amount of the total liabilities?

    4. A firm has sales of $1200, net income of $200, net fixed assets of $500, and current assets of $300. THe firm has $100 in inventory. What is the common size statement value of inventory?

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    Cash flow to stockholders = dividends paid - net new equity = dividends paid - (common end + APIS end) - (common beg + APIS ...

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