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Calculating Expected Cash Flows, NPV, and Present Value

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Calculating Expected Cash Flows, NPV, and Present Value for The UPS Store Franchise Opportunity

Calculate the following:
Expected cash flows given forecasted profit
Present value and net present value
You will use this and previously developed information to formulate your final recommendation due next week.

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This solution helps calculate expected cash flows, NPV and present value. The answer is provided in an Excel spreadsheet.

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Please see the attached file(s) for the complete tutorial. Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance and of course, the opportunity to learn as well.
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Expected Cash Flows, NPV, and Present Value

Expected cash flows
These are computed from the forecasted statement of income created for years 1 to 5. It is assumed that all expenses are paid when incurred and all revenues are collected when provided.
The UPS Store Franchise
Statement of Cash Flows

Year 0 1 2 3 4 5
Net income 2,119 1,432 1,326 1,208 1,080
Add: Depreciation ...

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