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    Fractions & Rational Expressions

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    Rebekah Jorgensen, MA (#105869)

    This book describes fractions and rational expressions. It provides definitions of the vocabulary needed to work with fractions and includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numerical fractions. It also explains how to work with rational expressions that are made up of polynomials in the numerator and/or denominator.

    This book is ideal for students in foundational level courses in college math or those in higher-level high school math courses who need a refresher on working with fractions. This book assumes familiarity with multiplying and factoring polynomials, working with variables, and solving algebraic equations.

    An Introduction to Fractions & Rational Expressions

    Rational expressions are any expressions than can be written as a fraction, which consists of a numerator over a denominator. They are useful in solving certain equations, especially equations that work out to a repeating decimal and need to be solved with an exact answer. Simple fractions are also used in daily conversation and extensively in cooking, where knowledge of how to manipulate fractions can help adjust the size of a recipe.

    In higher-level math courses, the rational expressions go beyond having a fraction made up of one number in the numerator and one number in the denominator to including polynomials and variables, or complex fractions with fractions in the numerator and denominator. The rules for working with these fractions are the same as with simple fractions, as will be demonstrated in this eBook .


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