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    Fractions Investment Ratio Words

    A. One-Third of a number is 5 less than half of the same number. What is the number? B. The sum of a number and its reciprocal is 10/3. What is the number? C. An investment of $1500 paid interest of $45 during a certain period. How mush interest would and investment of $2000 invested at the same rate for the same length o

    Fractions Word Problems

    Q1. Marie is entitled to one-sixth of an estate because of one relationship to the deceased and one-thirty-second of the estate because of another relationship to the deceased. What is the total portion of the estate that she will receive? Q2. Helen has 1/5 of her portfolio in the U.S. stocks, 1/8 of her portion in European s

    Ratios and Proportions : Dilution of Solution

    Chemist has 400ml of solution of which 80% is alcohol. How much water needs to be added to dilute solution to 50% alcohol? Please provide step by step breakdown so I can understand how this is solved.

    Ratios and Proportions Word Problems

    The speed of a freight train is 15ph slower that the speed of a passenger train. The freight train travels 390 mi in the same time that it takes the passenger train to travel 480 mi. Find the speed of each train. It takes 60 oz of grass seed to seed 3000ft^2 of lawn. At the rate how much would be needed to seed 5000ft^2 of

    Solving Equations and 'Together and Alone' Word Problems

    6.8 5. By checking work records, a contractor finds that Kenny Dewitt can wire a room addition in 9 hr. It takes Betty Wohnt 7 hr to wire the same room. How long would it take if they worked together? 9. The HP Officejet 4215 All-in-one printer, fax, scanner, and copier can print in black one copy of a company's year-end

    Ratios and Proportions Word Problems

    Bear Population. To estimate the size of the bear population on the Keweenaw Peninsula, conservationists captured, tagged, and released 50 bears. One year later a random sample of 100 bears included only 2 tagged bears. What is the conservationist's estimate of the size of the bear population?

    Ratios and Proportions Word Problems

    1. A lawyer bills her clients $250 per hour of service. If a client's case requires 47 hours to complete, use proportion to calculate how much the client will owe the lawyer (excluding tax). 2. A new virus is released on the internet; the administrator of a department's Local Area Network ( LAN) is given five minutes by a ma

    Process Capability Ratio

    The Older Then Dirt potting soil company uses a machine to fill 40-pound bags of enriched potting soil. The machine has a process standard deviation of 4 ounces. A new industry group wants to sets limits on what can be called a 40-pound bag: a 40-pound bad of dirt must weight at least 39 pounds, 2 ounces and no more than 40 p

    Let A represent the total amount of money in the drawer

    Maria decided to start saving money. She put $35 in her drawer to start out, and she puts an additional $5 in the drawer each month. Let A represent the total amount of money (in dollars) in the drawer, and let N represent the number of months that Maria has been saving. Write an equation relating to A to N.

    Fractions, inequalities, and cross-multiplication

    When we have two fractions on either sides of an equality or inequality symbol, we can multiply the numerator on the right hand side (RHS) with the denominator of the left hand side (LHS) and the numerator of LHS with denominator of RHS. The process of multiplying across the symbol and down is referred to as cross-multiplicati

    Compound Fractions Lowest Terms

    Express the following compound fraction in lowest terms 10c^2 d ------------- 7ab^3 --------------- 5c^3 d^4 --------------- 14b^5

    Fractions Word Problems and Writing Equations from Word Problems

    Allison is saving money to buy a video game system. In the first week, her savings were $8 less than 2/5 the price of the system. In the second week, she saved 50 cents more than 1/2 the price of the system. She was still $37.00 short. Find the price of the system.