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Consumer Mathematics


X2-22 - x-2 ____ _____ x2-9x+20 x-5

Several rational fraction problems

Please see attachment. #1. Multiply. Write your answer in lowest terms. #2. Multiply and simplify: #3. Divide. Write your answer in lowest terms. #4. Express the following compound fraction in lowest terms: 4 . 28 9 4 3 3 r s 2 7 pq 6 r 3 s

Polynomial fractions

See attached 2. What is the quotient when is divided by ? 5. Find all (vertical and horizontal) asymptotes of . What is the domain of this function?

Business Math

Solve the following problems showing all your work every step of the way. 1. You have been given information that if a student is a resident and they enroll for more than 12 hours, then their tuition will equal $120 plus $10 per hour for every hour greater than 12. Create an equation that would allow a student to simply plug

Solve for numerator

Rewrite the rational expression with the given denominator 5t/(3t - 6) = ?/(6t - 12) Simplify the answer

Find the Original Fraction

In a certain fraction, the demoninator is 4 less than the numerator. If 2 is added to both the numerator and denominator, the resulting fraction is equal to 7/5. Find the original fraction The original fraction is__ Type a fraction. Do not simplify.


Subtract. -29/4-y - 9y-7/y-4 The difference is ___ Simplify the answer

Rational expression

Reduce the rational expression to lowest terms. x*2 - 36 ________ 6 - x simplify form is __

Ratio and Proportion : Problems and Real-Life Applications

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 20. A Boeing 747 jet is approximately 230 ft long and has a wingspan of 195 ft. If a scale model of the plane is about 40 cm long, what is the model's wingspan? 28. The amount of gold jewelry and other products is measured in karats (K), where 24K represents p

Business Mathematics

Conduct a literature and internet search for information on the Truth-in-Lending Law. Discuss your findings in terms of what the law pertains to and how it is applied.

Ratio and Proportion

A study showed that there are 17 vehicles for every 10 households. how many vehicles are there for 106 million households? There will be ( ) million vehicles? Simplyify you answer


Simplify as much as possible; see attachment: [t/(t + 3t)] / [(1 +4)/(t+1)]

Rational expressions

I need help with solving the problems in the attachment. 2/3-1/4 7/12-1/4 -2/3+1/4 4x2 3-(8-9) 2x4+4-3(1-2) (a+b)(a-b) b-c__ 2b-a ac+bc


Determine the present value P you must invest to have the future value A at simple interest rate r after time t. A=$8000.00 r=11.5% t=6months. Round this to the nearest cent

Simple interest

The principal P is borrowed at a simple interest rate r for a period of time (t). Find the simple interest owed for the use of money. Assume 360 days in a year and round answers to the nearest cent P=$11,000 R=7%, t=30days

Ratio and Proportion - 1.The sides of a triangle are in the ratio of 3:4:5. If the perimeter is 90 centimeters, find the length of each side. 2.Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of the missing side in right triangle. Triangle ABC with right triangle C.

1.The sides of a triangle are in the ratio of 3:4:5. If the perimeter is 90 centimeters, find the length of each side. 2.Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of the missing side in right triangle. Triangle ABC with right triangle C. a. If a= 3cm and b = 4 cm, find c b. If a=6 yd and c= 11 yd, find b Answe


11. Find the reciprocal of (1/5)(15) 12. Divide -12/0 13. Divide 90/30 14. Perform the indicated operation 11-6 _____ 7-7 or 11-6/7-7 15. Find the reciprocal of 1/3(9-4).

Math real number system

1. Place the following set of numbers in ascending order. -2/5,1/6,7/8 -5/9,3/4 2. Which of the following numbers are integers? 11/3,9.7,-163,-3/8,1 3. Determine the maximum and minimum values of the following set of numbers. 36/7,-1,-2/3,-5,26/9 4. Evaluate [-14] 5. Add -4/5+(3/4)

Ratios and Porportions - Calories

Activity Cal/h Activity Cal/h Bicycling 6 mi/h 240 Running 10 mi/h 1,280 Bicycling 12 mi/h 410 Swimming 25 yd/min 275 Cross-country skiing 700 Swimming 50 yd/min 500 Jogging 5 mi/h 740 Tennis (singles) 400 Jogging 7 mi/h 920 Walking 2 mi/h 240 Jumping rope 750 Walking 3 mi/h 320 Running in place 650 Walking 4 mi/h 440

Basic Mathematics Problems Involving Fractions and Word Problems

# 22 Find the least common multiple(LCM) for each group of numbers: 12,20,and 35 #36 1/3 + 5/8 + 4/5 #44 13/15 - 11/20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kitchen sub flooring Benjamin and Olivia are putting a new floor in their kitchen. To get the floor up to


Write the ratio in lowest terms: 4 1/4 pounds to 5 pounds

Time Value of Money.

A 9 million dollar contract that stipulates equal payments to be made monthly over a period of five years. To determine what such a contract is worth today, you would need to use Choices are present value factors future values factors presnt value factors of an annuity future value factors of an annuity

Changing Fractions

How do we get rid of the fractions that are involved in solutions? How do we go about doing that?