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    Mathematical model and computer simulation

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    1. What are mathematical models and computer simulations?
    2. What are stochastic models and deterministic models?
    3. What is convergence and numerical instability?
    4. What are sensitivity analyses and uncertainty analyses?

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    1. A mathematical model is an equation, or set of equations, that describes a system by taking into account inputs, outputs, and internal states (possibly friction, heat generation, etc). A good example of this is saying that a spring-mass system (or KM system) could have a mathematical model that describes the natural frequency as omega=(spring stiffness/mass)^(1/2).

    A computer simulation on the other hand is a program (either commercial or hand coded such as MATLAB) that is used to simulate a system. This could be useful if you need an estimate of a model that can not be solved in closed form. You could use iterations that will close in on the solution ...

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    This solution provides the definitions of a series of concepts involving mathematical models and computer simulation. The included topics are, stochastic models and deterministic models, convergence and numerical instability, sensitivity analysis and uncertainty analysis, and a general discussion of mathematical models and computer simulations.