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    Beginners guide to converting between fractions and percents

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    I am at a total loss as how to convert fractions into percents and vice versa. I need a detailed explanation as it would be taught to the original grade level.

    Here is an example.

    What is the % of 2/5 (i think 40 or .40???) I don't know how to get to that though. and how do you convert 40% then into a fraction?


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    College Grad,

    Your instincts about 40% are right!

    The symbol "%" is from the Latin "per centum" for per 100 with the same "cent-" etymological root that gave us "century", "centernnery", "cent" (1/100th) of a ...

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    A step-by-step, detailed guide to converting between fractions and percents for beginners or anyone that has been away from it for a long time.