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    Ratio and Proportion /Graph and Analyze Linear Functions

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    1. A lawyer bills her clients $300 per hour of service. If a client's case requires 17 hours to complete, use a proportion to calculate how much the client will owe the lawyer (excluding tax).

    2. A new virus is released on the internet; the administrator of a department's Local Area Network (LAN) is given five minutes by a manager to estimate the impact. The administrator samples 12 of the PCs connected to the LAN and finds that 7 are infected. Use a proportion to estimate the number of infected PCs if there are a total of 216 PCs connected to the LAN.

    3. An administrator of a popular web site is told that a new faster server, which will replace the old server, can handle 45,000 "hits" (users accessing the site) per second. The web site currently experiences a peak demand of about 110,000 hits per second. But, every month, the peak demand increases by 2500 hits per second. Use a proportion equation to determine how many new servers the administrator should buy to address expected traffic for the next 24 months.

    1. How do we write the equation of a horizontal line? What would be an example?

    2.How do we write the equation of a vertical line? What would be an example?

    3.The points (1, 3), (2, 5), (8, 17), (50, 101), and (1000, 2001) all lie on line M.
    The points (1, -1), (2, -3), (8, -15), (50, -99), and (1000, -1999) all lie on line N.

    a.Form the equations of both the lines. Show your work.

    b.What are the co-ordinates of the point of intersection of lines M and N?

    c.Write the co-ordinates of the intersections of lines M and N with the x-axis.

    d.Write the co-ordinates of the intersection of lines M and N with the y-axis.

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